Lattimore Materials marks centennial anniversary with community service

Therese Dunphy

December 13, 2012

Lattimore Materials Corp., an Aggregate Industries US (AIUS) Co., is marking the centennial of its parent company, Holcim Ltd, with Together for Communities, a year-long 2012 initiative that encourages employees to lead local volunteer projects. LMC Employees participated in the celebration through multiple projects contributing more than 3,300 employee volunteer hours. 

“In planning and executing these projects, our employees at LMC have shown great initiative and a deep knowledge of their communities,” says Filiberto Ruiz, deputy chief executive officer of Aggregate Industries US. “I commend the LMC employees and look forward to our continued partnerships within the community.”

More than 200 LMC employees participated in projects at local schools, including Bells Elementary School and Brazos River Charter School, community centers, and food banks. Employees also volunteered throughout the year at the San Antonio Food Bank where they sorted and packed more than 200,000 pounds of food to be served at local community kitchens.

Additionally, employees volunteered 2,340 hours to the Texas Special Olympics, where they monitored 58 bowling lanes each day during the competition for the 3,000 athletes from across the North Dallas area.

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