Liability concerns postpone rock blasting at Kansas quarry

April 1, 2013

rock blasting

Last week, commissioners in Bourbon County, Kansas, postponed the county’s scheduled rock blasting at George Quarry, a property owned by the George Family Trust, Fort Scott Tribune reported.

The county originally scheduled the rock blasting to take place in the next couple of weeks, but postponed the blasting when commissioners discovered that Fox Petroleum planned to drill for oil at a nearby site also owned by the George Family Trust.

Both the county and the petroleum company have leases with the George Family Trust.

Commissioners were concerned about county liability if any of the 40,000 tons of blasted rock damaged Fox Petroleum’s equipment.

Commission Chairman Allen Warren proposed some solutions. He requested that County Attorney Terri Johnson draft a letter to give formal notice to Running Foxes.

He also suggested the George Family Trust sign a Hold Harmless agreement.

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