Libra Systems Announces Release of Camera ID


July 12, 2011

(HARLEYSVILLE, PA) Libra Camera ID eliminates the delays/costs of paper signatures and provides proof-of-purchase for quick, full-proof resolution of billing disputes.

  • Eliminates the need for driver’s signatures – reducing in-yard times and processing costs
  • Requires absolutely no action by the driver
  • Billing clerk can easily retrieve transaction images and email them to the customer
  • Supports multiple cameras/images for each transaction or process
  • Allows management to view live video to serve as a logistics tool or theft deterrent
  • Automatically handles variable truck positions

Think about it for a moment…..what would it mean to your company’s bottom line if you could get another cycle per day from most trucks?

For those wanting state-of-the-art efficiency and speed, a Self-Service Kiosk can also be added to automatically identify and process each truck.

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