Libra Systems Showcases Self-Service Kiosk and Remote Printer Terminals at AGG1 Aggregates Forum & Expo


March 29, 2010

Libra-Self-Service-KioskSELF-SERVICE KIOSK

The Libra Self-Service Kiosks allow material suppliers to increase revenue by handling more truck traffic without increasing the number of operators.  The kiosks increase customer satisfaction by reducing in-yard times, and by allowing the extension of site operating hours.

Benefits include:

  • Increases truck throughput without increasing costs
  • Allows operating hours to be extended for less cost
  • Frees scale house operators to handle other responsibilities
  • Significantly reduces data entry & ticket errors
  • Reduces in-yard times
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Quickly and automatically identifies trucks
  • Controls truck flow


The Libra Remote Printer Terminals are designed to increase truck throughput by keeping the driver in the truck.  The high-speed printer features exceptional print quality and a document presenter that holds the delivery ticket for driver and retracts it into an internal box if not taken.  The printer’s loop print presenter ensures jam-free operation by eliminating user access to the document while it is printing.

The professionally-engineered industrial enclosure houses the printer and a paper roll up to 10” diameter.  A heat shield keeps the print cool in direct sun and an internal heater keeps the printer warm in freezing climates.  A motion-activated light illuminates when the enclosure is opened.

Consider the efficiencies of keeping the driver in the truck and delivering tickets electronically.

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