Liddell All-Pro Series


January 8, 2008

Liddell™s All-Pro Series has a 55-60 ton load capacity with length and width to fit your specifications. The 26™-0” modular deck–20” loaded height, 5” ground clearance–is removable with the capability of adding beams and extensions. Additionally, AP™s are equipped for a 4th axle or 14™-1” stinger. 



Lightweight at only 16,700 lbs, the Liddell Signature (S) Series is rated at a 42.5 ton capacity.  The S Series is customized to fit the length and width of specs needed, with a 25™-3” deck and a hydraulic, removable gooseneck with a 102” swing.





The Liddell M Series has a 70 to 100 ton load capacity and is available in 9-axle to 14-axle units.  The overall length is 102” to 120” with a deck custom built to fit your required specifications.  Adjustable, loaded deck height is measured at 24”.

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