LiuGong 888III Wheel Loader


August 29, 2011

For raw power, LiuGong’s largest wheel loader is the 888III model with a double cylinder Z-bar configuration.  The 888III’s massive loader arms and standard ride control systems efficiently lifts and moves material with minimal spillage and offers cycle times as low as 12.1 seconds. Employing a ZF fixed shaft automatic power shift transmission; LiuGong’s 888III wheel loader has four forward speeds topping out at 22.4 mph and three reverse gears ranging from 4 to 15 miles per hour. The 888III wheel loader also features adjustable boom height kick out and bucket return-to-dig functions.

LiuGong’s 888III’s dual pump hydraulic system efficiently utilizes all 350 peak net horsepower provided by a Cummins six-cylinder, 4-cycle turbocharged water cooled engine. An air pre-cleaner filter system extends the service life of the dual-filter air filter system, and the 888III’s reversible hydraulic fan clears debris from the radiator compartment.

Daily maintenance and scheduled servicing on LiuGong’s 888III loader are easy with the electrically controlled tilt-up engine hood. An automatic lubrication system ensures minimal downtime. Safety features on the 888III model include fully hydraulic wet-disc brakes with standard axle coolers, electronically controlled parking and emergency brakes, and an emergency steering system.

The pressurized, climate controlled cabin with standard air-conditioning, sits on rubber shock absorbing mounts which, along with LiuGong’s ride control system, minimizes operator fatigue.

The hydraulic fan motor is independent from the engine driven cooling system, resulting in a quieter cab. The 888III’s standard tiltable, telescopic steering column and air suspension seat increases operator comfort and a single lever joystick controls the fully automatic transmission and all loader functions.

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