LiuGong’s 915D crawler excavator is a ‘smart’ machine


April 30, 2012

LiuGong Machinery Corp. displayed its 915D crawler excavator at the 2012 Intermat trade show in Paris this April. The machine is LiuGong’s latest D-Package excavator and brings a whole new level of performance to the utility segment of the excavator market.

The D-series technology package has been creating new standards for efficiency and control, and the 915D takes it to the next level. In lab and field tests, the machine boosts work efficiency by 10 percent while reducing fuel consumption by 10 percent compared to its predecessor.

The 915D, in a word, is smart.The D-series is one of the finest examples of smart engineering in the world today. And it starts with hydraulics. The machine’s Computer Aided Power Control System (CAPC) automatically and continuously matches hydraulic output to the ever-changing workload, delivering just the right amount of power needed for the load while metering out the precise amount of fuel.

And when extra breakout force is needed, the operator can activate the automatic power boost, providing a ten-second “on demand” power boost – up to 10 percent additional force. All it takes is a simple push and release of a button located next to the joystick.

The operator can travel and work smoothly and simultaneously, thanks to the straight travel function, which automatically holds the machine in a true line while moving forward.

Boom and arm anti-drift systems provide superior control for precision jobs, like pipe handling operations.  The advanced arm regeneration circuitry adjusts for workload, improving efficiency, fine control and energy savings.

Power for the 915D is provided by the Cummins B3.9-C diesel, delivering the highest gross power in class, exceptional reserve torque and low fuel consumption.  A high-capacity oil pump provides for superior lubrication on tough side-hill operations – for added peace of mind and extended service intervals. The 10-speed throttle range covers a broad range of work modes, keeping power and fuel efficiency in proper balance. The engine is Tier III rated for low emissions.

The machine’s X-beam undercarriage features monolith construction, rather than welds, for superior strength and durability. Frame height is increased by 8% for additional workplace reliability.

When it comes to operator comfort and efficiency, nobody outsmarts LiuGong. And the 915D is a prime example. The cab is 1,008 mm wide, making it one of the most spacious in the industry. The transparent reinforced glass windshield features a wide arch for better vision. A silicon oil damping cab mounting system greatly reduces vibration in the cab, especially to the ergonomic full suspension seat. And the multi-function large-screen color monitor gives the operator simple, accurate information at a glance. Plus, the air conditioning outlets are fully adjustable to fit the needs and comfort preferences of the operator.

Service points are simple, intuitive and accessible. LiuGong excels at making regular maintenance easy. Filters, coolant reservoirs and battery can all be reached at ground level through the left door. Main electrical components are grouped in the cab, rather than outside, for simple and efficient maintenance checks.

The 915D is available with a range of options and attachments — including buckets, blades, arms, couplers and hydraulic breakers — to match a broad range of general and light-purpose applications.

LiuGong is a premier construction equipment manufacturer offering a full line of high quality machines to world markets.  LiuGong, headquartered in Liuzhou, China, has among the most expansive array of product lines of any Chinese manufacturer, including wheel loaders, bulldozers, skid steers, backhoe loaders, forklifts, motor graders, excavators, rollers, drilling machines, truck mounted and crawler cranes, pavers, cold planers, concrete equipment and mining dump trucks.

The company is among the world’s fastest growing CE firms, with US$2.76 billion in sales in 2011 when the company sold 61,700 machines.  LiuGong delivers results for its investors as well, having posted an average of 40% annual revenue growth for the past six years running in overseas markets.  It is ranked among the world’s top 20 machine manufacturers.

As a leading exporter of machines from China, LiuGong has one of the largest global dealer networks of any of its Chinese competitors.  The network consists of more than 380 dealers in over 115 countries, backed by 10 subsidiary offices with technical staff, and parts depots that deliver items within 48 hours. The company’s strong dealers, subsidiaries, and the customer focused organization within headquarters give it a distinct advantage in providing the 24/7 support required by customers anywhere in the world.

LiuGong’s machines are uniquely suited to rapidly growing emerging markets. The environment in China which nurtures their design is known to be the toughest in the world in terms of run times between maintenance, harsh work environments, cost demands, and rough operating conditions.  LiuGong machines use proven technologies and thrive in these rigorous settings — they are highly efficient, durable, simple to run, easy to service and offer affordable value.

LiuGong is widely recognized as forward thinking. It runs 24 manufacturing plants in China, Poland and India that adhere to Six Sigma quality methods.  LiuGong supports a world class R&D function, and has a team of more than 14,000 employees, including 1,000 engineers, standing behind every machine the company makes.  The company’s full contact relationship with its customers and its markets lets LiuGong share know-how for today’s projects while anticipating needs for tomorrow’s jobs.  To learn more about LiuGong, visit

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