LiuGong Introduces New D-Series Crawler Excavators


March 31, 2011

Guangxi, PR China – March 21, 2011 – LiuGong’s new D-Series crawler excavators – models 915D, 925D and 936D – are on display at LiuGong’s largest-ever ConExpo showcase in the North Hall, booth 1041.

LiuGong’s D-Series is the company’s new generation of intelligent crawler excavators featuring computer-aided systems for greater operating efficiency, lower fuel consumption and overall reliability. LiuGong’s commanding ‘smart’ hydraulic systems produce standout, on-demand breakout power, while LiuGong’s rugged new frame design and improved undercarriage components make the D-Series excavators stable, durable and ready to tackle any task a North American contractor may have.

LiuGong’s Computer Aided Power Control system (CAPC) automatically matches the D-Series excavator’s hydraulic output flow to the application. At the touch of a button, LiuGong’s new power boost feature instantly increases the excavator’s digging force up to 10-percent for 10 seconds, then resets back to normal functions awaiting the next task. The CAPC also allows the operator to select optimal power levels for peak performance capacity with the best fuel economy. The 922D and 936D feature a no time-limit heavy lift system that when activated, increases hydraulic pressure to the attachment cylinders while simultaneously reducing attachment speed for better control during lifting operation. Additionally, LiuGong excavators are equipped with a unique emergency bypass switch to enable the machines to operate indefinitely in the event of an electrical problem with the main CPU or its related components. Fuel consumption, emissions and noise are supplemented by LiuGong’s auto-idle function that automatically lowers the excavator’s engine speed if there is no operation detected for 5 seconds, or the operator can choose the one-touch decal function.

LiuGong’s new rigid x-type crawler car bodies on the D-Series crawler excavators distribute load stress throughout the frame. A larger beam section in the upper frame improves the excavator’s strength, durability and stability by creating a better center of gravity. Oil-sealed track rollers, carrier rollers and idlers on the undercarriage provide outstanding durability in rugged conditions. Wide trackpads of up to 32-inches afford greater flotation and stability on soft ground conditions.

Standard rock guards and vertical strips protect the excavator’s arm from rock and debris damage.

During operations, LiuGong’s easy-to-read LCD instrument panel displays 20 different machine control functions. The self-monitoring control system reads engine speed, fluid pressures and temperatures, lubricant status, fuel capacity and alerts the operator if a function exceeds its parameter, thus preventing service issues from becoming downtime setbacks. Maintenance on LiuGong’s D-Series crawler excavators is safe and simple with ground-level side access panels to hydraulic pumps and engine filters.

Operators will appreciate LiuGong’s emphasis on workstation comfort and safety in the new D-Series crawler excavators. Reinforced frames and silicon shock absorbers cushion impact and vibrations in LiuGong’s deluxe, sound suppressed, climate controlled cabs. Operator wellbeing and efficiency are enhanced with adjustable suspension seats, a multiple and positionable-vent large capacity filtered air-conditioning system, a tinted sunroof and AM/FM/MP3 radio. Pilot controls with a pattern changer feature allow the operator to control the D-Series excavator’s functions with less fatigue and more accurate control of the arm and bucket. Back up alarms and flashing beacons on the D-Series excavators assist jobsite safety, while rear-view mirrors provide a wide view of the operating area.

 LiuGong’s factory installed 2-way auxiliary hydraulic circuit configuration supports additional attachments such as rock thumbs, hammers and shears.

LiuGong’s new 915D mid-size crawler excavator is powered by a 102 net horsepower Cummins 4-cylinder Tier 3 engine and reaches travel speeds of up to 3.4 miles per hour. With a max digging depth of 19 feet 3 inches, the 915D excels in residential and commercial site prep. The 915D offers an optional two-way dozer blade for back fill and leveling operations.

LiuGong’s new 922D production class crawler excavator offers an electronically controlled, turbocharged Cummins 6-cylinder 142 net horsepower Tier 3 engine, and is the perfect workhorse for road and highway applications. The 922D arrives with a standard 1.31 cubic yard capacity, 43-inch wide bucket.

The powerful new 936D model, LiuGong’s largest crawler excavator, features a 260 net horsepower, electronically controlled turbocharged Cummins 6-cylinder Tier 3 engine. The 936D’s 35’ 9” ground level reach and 33’7” max dig height makes the 936D an ideal machine for demolition and forestry applications. The 936D’s 2.09 cubic yard capacity, 57-inch wide standard bucket lifts up to 18,869 pounds on side at a 20-degree radius.

LiuGong Machinery Corp., headquartered in Liuzhou, China has produced high quality construction equipment for more than 50 years and is growing throughout the world. The company has been named one of the top 100 brands in China, ranking 60th.  With US$2.32 billion in sales in 2010, China’s premier heavy equipment manufacturing firm is within the top 15 largest construction machinery companies globally.

The firm employs over 13,000 including more than 750 R&D engineers, and produces more than 60,000 machinery units annually. It offers a full line of machines, including wheel loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, skid steers, forklifts, graders, excavators, rollers, truck mounted and crawler cranes, and pavers.

LiuGong equipment is easy to own and easy to operate, and the company excels in providing features that customers demand, focusing on using only well-proven technologies that are easy to service.

The result is highly durable machines that stand up to the rigors of the tough operating environments customers face.  To learn more about the D-Series excavators, visit

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