Load ‘on the go’ with Loup Electronics at ConExpo

Therese Dunphy

December 15, 2010

The next generation of onboard scales will be on show at the Loup Electronics booth at ConExpo-Con/Agg, offering the widest choice for all types of loaders.

Productivity improvements have never been so important given the challenges businesses face in today’s economic climate.  To help make the most efficient use of stock, time and machinery, Loup Electronics will be exhibiting the extensive Loadlog range of onboard scales at ConExpo-Con-Agg 2011 emphasising the gains in productivity and profitability that can be achieved with such technology.  Loadlog increases the speed of customer truck turn-around with more loads per shift, while avoiding overload and multiple trips to the scale house.

 Benefitting from innovative enhancements to the weighing algorithm, the Loadlog range of on-board scales for large wheel loaders allows truck loading ‘on the go’ with no stopping of the machine or bucket.

 Other major advantages of the Loadlog include:

  • Target load entry
  • Automatic bucket accumulation
  • Live last bucket tip-off
  • Printer option

 Effective management of load data is either through the internal SD card slot or via one of the numerous wireless data transfer options.  The Loadlog 8000i instrument enables the quick and efficient transfer of load data between the loader and scale house or office PC and also permits pre-registered reference data to be uploaded directly to the instrument.  Such product traceability makes it ideal for material handling applications in demolition operations, recycling plants and other potentially harmful or toxic environments. 

For small loaders and skid-steers, Loup offers the Weighlog, which benefits from recent enhancements to the weighing cycle.  This instrument is cost-effective, easy to use and allows for increased accuracy and consistency of bucket and total load results, meaning stock management and check-weighing operations can be controlled more effectively.

For more information on how on-board weighing and data handling be used to help improve your operations, visit Loup in the South Hall 11525 or visit: http://www.loupelectronics.com/.

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