Make August “Meet & Greet” month

Kerry Clines

July 15, 2009

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) would like for aggregates operations to consider hosting a “Meet & Greet” with their member of Congress during the Congressional recess in August. With the current highway bill, climate change, health care, and card check legislation on the table, the voices of aggregates operations need to be heard, and a personal meeting and tour of an operation can leave an unforgetable impression.

The NSSGA has created an online toolkit containing everything necessary to get started, including a draft invitation letter, ideas for the event, and ethics guidelines.

The association would like to be notified of any meet and greets that take place so it can keep track of the contacts made in order to plan follow-ups or initiate meetings with those members of Congress who have not been contacted.

NSSGA’s Legislative Action Center can help you get a head start on setting up an event date and time by providing information about your Congressional official — photographs, brief bios, contact information, and a list of their committee assignments and staff. Contact NSSGA’s Jim Riley at 800-342-1415 with any questions.

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