Man proposes to girlfriend in England quarry

January 31, 2014

Photo via the Daily Mail
Photo via the Daily Mail

A man recently proposed to his girlfriend at a quarry in Cheltenham, England, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

Oliver Wright, 31, took his girlfriend, 30-year-old Kelly Aldridge, to the quarry, where he had spelled out “Kelly will you marry me?” using stones.

The quarry, located in Leckhampton Hill, is a location where the couple often go walking together, the report notes.

The two were at the top of a hill when Aldridge saw the proposal.

“I looked at him, then looked down the cliff and that’s when I saw it. I just froze, I couldn’t believe it,” Aldridge said. “Then I said ‘yes, yes, yes’ and he went down on one knee and got the ring out.”

Wright told the Daily Mail that he spent five hours arranging the stones the week before the proposal.

“I went up to arrange the rocks the week before. It took me about five hours but I wanted to get it just right,” Wright said. “Then every day during the week I went to check on them to make sure they were still there.”

Aldridge said the proposal is a moment she won’t forget.

“Walkers at the top of the hill shouted down their congratulations to us. It was a really special moment and one I will remember for the rest of my life.”

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