March 2008 – RollOuts


March 1, 2008

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

by Kirk Landers, Editorial Director

Solves spillage problems

Flexco says its new Flex-Seal skirting is designed to fully seal the loading zone, preventing spillage leaks, controlling dust emissions, and guarding against costly belt damage and mis-tracking. An angle plate positions the skirt rubber to the belt so the internal spring-back tension in the rubber creates the seal without damage. Low contact pressure on the belt prevents belt grooving and excessive cover wear to prolong belt life.

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Combination screen debuts

GreyStone is introducing a combination fine-material screen at this month’s ConExpo-Con/Agg show. The new 36-inch Aggre-Dry FMW sand dewatering unit combines a fine material screw and dewatering screen to produce sand and gravel products with a moisture content as low as 8 to 13 percent by weight. It uses only 30 horsepower to wash and dewater up to 100 tons per hour.

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New telescoping conveyor

Masaba Mining Equipment has launched its new Magnum Telescoping Conveyor. The 36-inch by 150-foot unit features Masaba’s proprietary track technology, hydraulic shift axles, and PLC operation. The patent-pending track design is said to provide constant positive traction and improved long-term durability. The hydraulic shift axle are said to provide a seamless hydraulic shift from free wheel road travel to high-torque stacking. And the company’s PLC operation features simplicity and high quality desegregation piles, with four fully functional programs allowing users to choose their stockpiling preferences.

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Long-lasting fine wire

W.S. Tyler has introduced Ty-Ger Wire, a high-carbon industrial wire available for high-wear screening application. The company says this hard steel wire was traditionally available only in larger diameters, but it has developed a patented process to create a small diameter wire that is high-wear, tear-resistant, and extremely elastic. The company says Ty-Ger Wire has up to two times the tensile strength of stainless steel and up to four times the strength of basic steel.

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Larger solid-body breaker

Atlas Copco has extended its line of solid-body hydraulic breakers with the rollout of the SB 552. The 1,149-pound attachment is designed for carriers in the 9 to 15 metric ton class. It requires an oil flow of 17.2 to 30.4 gallons per minute at a pressure of 1,450 to 2,180 psi. It delivers up to 1,080 blows per minute. Its one-piece design contains all integral parts in the same iron alloy casting for strength, and the unit is said to have fewer moving parts than competing units.

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Track-mounted impactor

Fintec has unveiled a new track-mounted impactor that combines its expertise in designing track-mounted mobile crushers with the impact-crusher expertise of its new parent company, Sandvik. The new 1440 features a Sandvik PR301D impactor with a fluid clutch drive and a 440-horsepower engine. Fed by a two-deck pre-screen, the crusher is a four-hammer, open-style rotor. The unit has an operating weight of 49.8 metric tons and is about 51 feet long. It is designed for throughputs of 300 to 350 metric tons per hour.

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Composite screening media

W.S. Tyler has rolled out a new composite screening media that it calls a cost-effective alternative to traditional wire and polyurethane materials. The company’s new Ty-Wire is constructed of a patented long-wearing composite and reinforced by a sturdy wire grid. The company says it provides 3 to 5 times the service life of wire media.

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Suspended belt magnets

Puritan Magnetics says its Suspended Belt Magnets use an oversized plate magnet and are designed for suspension above a belt conveyor to remove ferrous contaminants from high-volume, deep burdens. The company recommends that the magnet be installed at the discharge of the head pulley when possible. It can be supplied with a wiper arm or stripper plate to simplify cleaning, or an automated continuous cleaning option can be chosen.

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Removes respirable dust

SK Bowling says its Clothes Cleaning System is the quickest and most effective way to remove dust from workers’ clothing and maintain OSHA compliance. Designed for removing respirable dust in mining operations, a worker enters the cleaning booth, activates the system, and rotates in front of a bank of low-pressure air nozzles. In 18 seconds, 90 percent of the dust in his clothing is removed without contaminating others or the work area, according to the company.

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Self-serve customer kiosks

Libra Systems is introducing Self-Service Kiosks that allow aggregate producers to handle more truck traffic without adding more operators. The kiosks provide clear, concise, configurable instructions to drivers and can handle ticketing tasks like check-in, check-in with tare, checkout, and ticket printing. Libra says the kiosks reduce in-yard times as well as data entry and ticket errors.

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Special application belt cleaner

Flexco’s new Eliminator Chevron Belt Cleaner brings a new approach and design for cleaning chevron, cleated, and raised rib belts. Ideal for cleaning wet sand belts and other raised-top or grooved belts, the Eliminator Chevron’s long operating life and abrasion resistance stems from the use of a 2.5-inch ring featuring hundreds of self-cleaning, 2-inch fingers that dislodge carryback from the belt, allowing it to fall with no danger of abrasive wear or damage to the belt.

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Flexible scale software

Avery Weigh-Tronics has developed Measurement Intelligence Payload, a set of software applications designed to identify weight, bill, and receive data from weighbridge transactions. The Microsoft-based system can be installed on a single PC and linked to a single truck, or it can be interfaced in complex systems with multiple scales.

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New line of oscillating mounts

Lovejoy’s Rosta division has extended its line of Rosta AB oscillating screen mounts with the introduction of the AB-HD 50. The new model is designed for longer service life. Its controlled performance during shut-down eliminates the need for side snubbers, using 16 rubber inserts to absorb the remaining energy of the screen box. It is designed for heavy, free-oscillating screens and shaker conveyors, fits into tight spaces, and eliminates the need for auxiliary parts.

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Clean water, immediately

Clearwater Industries designed the Portable Water Clarifier to help aggregate producers, dredgers, and others immediately recycle and reuse water. The company says operators can take a dirty water stream and produce clean water immediately, concentrating the fines or solids to a thick state, eliminating the need for clean water ponds or setting ponds. The totally self-contained unit can deliver up to 2,000 gallons per minute at 20-percent solids by volume.

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New excavators debut this month

Hitachi is introducing two new excavators at this month’s ConExpo-Con/Agg show, including the reduced tail-swing Zaxis 135US-3 and the new wheeled excavator, the Zaxis 220W-3. Both machines feature Tier 3 engines and the company’s new CRES II cab, which is bigger and has more glass area that previous cabs. Both are more powerful than the models they replace and travel at faster speeds. The Zaxis 135US-3 also has faster arm roll-in and boom lower/arm movement due to hydraulic refinements, and the Zaxis 220W-3 has more stability for moving Jersey barriers without outriggers.

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Pumps lots of water, fast

Multiquip says its new InstaPrime pumps move large quantities of water quickly. Ranging from 6 to 12 inches in size, the pumps can move up to 5,000 gallons per minute and are recommended for dewatering, sludge, sewer-by-pass and well-point jobs.

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