March 2009 – RollOuts


March 1, 2009

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

All-in-one loader scale

The new VEI Helper7 all-in-one loader scale features a backlit keyboard, a thermal printer, and new technologies to help manage data quickly. The company says, the scale provides fast, accurate, real-time results. The scale is designed to receive and process an array of load information, including in-motion weighing, client and product listings, blending load IC, target weighing, and more.

Heavy-duty engine oil

Petro-Canada expanded its line of heavy-duty engine oils with the addition of Duron-E 10W-30. The company says the oil is specially formulated for both on- and off-road fleets, and provides a number of performance benefits, including excellent soot dispersancy, extended drain capabilities, low engine wear, and good top-up and cold start-up performance. The oil is suitable for 4-stroke diesel, gasoline, and natural gas automotive applications.

Blast initiator

ASL says its new SparkMaster initiator was designed to meet the needs of explosive engineers who require a reliable shocktube-based system. The lightweight, solid-state, ergonomically designed unit is portable and has a rugged orange case. The charge is provided by a set of replaceable batteries with a spark life of about 500 firings and delivered to the firing shocktube by an inexpensive, disposable, single-use sparker.

Synthetic axle lubricant

Freightliner Trucks is now offering Roadranger Fuel Efficient (FE) 75W-90 Synthetic Axle Lubricant as a factory-installed option on its Cascadia, Coronado, and Century Class S/T trucks. According to the company, the lubricant may reduce fuel consumption by more than 1 percent, extends vehicle life by improving operation in extreme temperatures, and provides better protection against gear wear in high-horsepower, high-torque, high-speed, heavy-load, and severe applications.

Automated sieve certification system

Vision Machines has developed a way for companies to certify test sieves in-house, in minutes. The company says its Automated Sieve Certification System is a precision optical instrument that scans and measures openings and wire diameters, supporting sieves up to 18 inches in diameter, with openings from 20 microns to 12.5 mm. Each sieve is scanned for irregularities. The results are output to a spreadsheet with full statistical analysis, including descriptive statistics, pass/fail information, compliance with standards, and raw measurement data.

Hydraulic torque wrench

TorcUp says its Ultra UT Series hydraulic torque wrench combines all the beneficial features of its predecessor, the TU, to create a tool unlike any other brand of hydraulic torque wrench in the world. Features include multi-axis swivels, a laser engraved torque chart, and internal mechanical moving components. Torque ranges from 127 to 11,000 foot/pounds.

Scale photo verification

The Scale Watcher II from Command Alkon is an integrated photo verification tool that overlays ticket information onto a photo of a truck on the scale. The image is then saved by ticket number. The ticket number provides easy retrieval of images to e-mail to customers, providing proof of vehicle pickup without signatures. The optional gate/valve anti-theft module alerts personnel of potential theft of materials by sending an e-mail alert whenever the gate/valve is opened and closed on a loading system and a ticket is not printed.

Conveyor undercarriage support

Superior Industries’ new radial stacking conveyor undercarriage support was awarded a second utility patent. The improved support strut design adds strength, stability, and safety to larger-model radial stacker conveyors, says the company. Additional undercarriage support, with bracing on both the upper and lower strut sections, is designed and manufactured into the 170- and 190-foot telescoping conveyors to give radial stacking conveyors stability at longer lengths, along with increased capacities or more tons per hour coming off the conveyor.

Better carrier-class fit

Atlas Copco says its new HB 3600 hydraulic breaker offers a higher power-to-weight ratio and higher efficiency than similar-weight breakers on the market. At a service weight of 7,940 pounds, the breaker is suitable for hydraulic carriers in the 35- to 63-metric ton weight class. The breaker accepts maximum hydraulic flow of 79 gallons per minute at 2,610 psi and delivers an impact rate of up to 560 blows per minute.

Electric belt cutter

Flexco engineered its new electric belt cutter to provide quick and easy cuts on all types of belting, from the softest of natural rubbers to the hardest constructed solid woven PVC and fabric-plied belts. It is designed to allow the user to cut belts quickly and safely, resulting in less conveyor downtime and overall increased productivity. The cutter is available in two sizes and can perform longitudinal cuts as well as angled cuts.

Revitalized hydraulic fluid

Shell Lubricants says its new multi-grade hydraulic fluid is designed for operators who demand a lubricant free of heavy metals that will perform in extreme conditions. The company says its Shell Tellus Oil STX is a zinc-free, ashless hydraulic fluid with high shear stability, formulated with Group II base oils with additive technology. The fluid has a wide temperature range and 160 viscosity index, and operates in a wide range of environments.

Environmentally safe truck wash

The new environmentally safe Oil Eater truck wash is formulated to effectively remove grease, diesel, dirt, and more with spot-free results, says the company. The non-corrosive, biodegradable, low-VOC cleaner/degreaser can be diluted up to 100:1. The company says it works in hard and soft water, lubricates brushes, is safe on proportioners, and is ideal for automatic and high-pressure self-serve systems.

Earplug test device

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says its QuickFit is a simpler and more affordable earplug fit-testing device. Low cost is achieved by using off-the-shelf MP3 player components (along with a few inexpensive secondary parts) and housing them in a standard earmuff shell. Simple operation was achieved by limiting the test to a single critical test signal and a single “go” or “no-go” pushbutton operation that checks for at least 15 decibels of protection.

Removable nozzle

Martin Engineering says its new patent-pending removable nozzle for use with air cannon systems in high-temperature applications will reduce downtime during refractory replacement and that it will eliminate the cost of labor to remove worn-out nozzles and reinstall new conventional nozzles. The nozzle is a two-part assembly consisting of an outer collar permanently mounted to the outside of the vessel and an inner fan-type nozzle that mates to the collar from the inside of the vessel. Once the outer collar is in place on the vessel wall, a new fan nozzle is simple to install every time the refractory lining of the preheater towers is replaced.

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