Martin Engineering introduces “New Thinking” for conveyor engineering.


July 29, 2009

evo-load-zone-103(Neponset IL)–Martin Engineering, the leading international supplier of systems and services to improve the handling of bulk materials, has introduced a new standard for the design and construction of belt conveyors.

Christened the EVO™ Architecture, the new system is described as a new architecture for modern conveying. The EVO™ System uses a new engineering concept to produce clean, safe, and productive belt conveyors from the ground up.

 “The EVO™ Conveyor Architecture offers a complete and re-thought system that is cost competitive with conventional design standards, yet that will provide improved performance in cleanliness, service-friendliness, and safety,” said R. Todd Swinderman, Chief Technology Officer for Martin Engineering.

The EVO™ Conveyor Architecture is designed to provide complete zones of a belt conveyor, including the Tail Zone, the Load Zone, the Carrying Zone, and the Head Zone. At this time, only the Load Zone of the EVO™ Standard has been introduced. Other zones will be introduced in the next 18 months.

The EVO™ Conveyor Architecture System is composed of a set of engineered components to be combined into a belt conveyor system. The components can be installed individually, in combination to construct each zone, or in a full new conveyor. They are suitable for use in new construction or retrofit.

EVO™ Architecture Components presently available include:

§         EVO™ Structure System utilizes special “half-hex” channel and angled reinforcement designed to minimize material accumulation.

§         EVO™ Impact Cradles cushions impact in the loading zone.

§         EVO™ Support Cradles stabilizes the belt line and reduce spillage. 

§         EVO™ Impact Idlers and Carrying Idlers use slide-in/slide-out bases to simplify installation and service. 

EVO™ Conveyors:

The New Architecture for Modern Conveying 


§         EVO™ Modular Chute Wall simplifies the design and construction of skirtboards and stilling zones.

§         EVO™ External Wear Liner improves sealing while improving liner inspection and replacement.

§         MARTIN® Double APRON SEAL™ Skirting provides a second wear life with the simple inversion of the sealing strip

§         EVO™ Dust Caps prevent material buildup around the legs of the conveyor.

§         EVO™ Dust Shield covers the skirtboard to prevent the escape of airborne dust.

§         MARTIN® Door improves access to chutes and other enclosures for allow inspection and maintenance.

§         EVO™ Barrier Guards, lockable barriers allow inspection of operating conveyor systems, yet keep workers away from harm.

Many EVO™ Components are protected by US and International patents issued and pending.

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Founded in 1944, Martin Engineering is the world leader in making bulk materials handling cleaner, safer, and more productive. Martin Engineering technologies control dust and spillage from belt conveyors and promote the movement of bulk solids from storage and through industrial processes. With corporate offices in Neponset, Illinois, the privately-held company reaches around the world with operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, and United Kingdom. MARTIN® Products and Services are also available from authorized representatives around the world.

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