2016 Top Rollout: Martin Engineering’s Roll-Gen System

Therese Dunphy

December 12, 2016


Martin Engineering’s Roll-Gen System uses kinetic energy from a moving conveyor belt to generate enough power to run a variety of electronic systems. The company says it creates a self-contained mini power station to run monitoring and safety systems. The Roll-Gen System can be retrofitted on existing idler support structures, so no special stock of conveyor rollers is required. As conveyors move into the next generation of ‘smart systems’ that are predicted to be more sustainable and autonomous, the manufacturer says this device is a first step toward eliminating power production obstacles.



2016 Top Rollout: Flexco's modular impact beds

2016 Top Rollout: Flexco’s modular impact beds

Flexco says its Modular Impact Beds are engineered with maximum capacity in mind and designed with universal components that offer effective and affordable load-zone protection. ...

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