McCloskey International diesel-powered, track-mounted Track Stackers

Kerry Clines

August 19, 2011

McCloskey International’s new diesel-powered, track-mounted stacking conveyors can be easily moved and reconfigured on site as operational requirements change. The Track Stackers are 36 inches wide and are available in 65-, 80-, and 100-foot lengths. The 80-foot model has a maximum capacity of 500 tons per hour at the highest incline; the 65- and 100-foot models can carry 600 tons per hour. Up to 800 tons per hour is available as an option on all three models. The company says the conveyors are counter-weighted and the undercarriage is set back from center, which allows them to run at a 22.5-degree incline and stockpile all the way to the head pulley without burying the tracks. Discharge heights are 25 feet, 10 inches for the 65-foot stacker; 36 feet for the 80-foot stacker; and 40 feet, 5 inches for the 100-foot stacker.

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