Product of the Week: McCloskey Washing Systems SandStorm, AggStorm, and Water Treatment & Management Plants

Kerry Clines

May 10, 2017

McCloskey’s new division, McCloskey Washing Systems (MWS), launched new equipment at ConExpo/ConAgg 2017: SandStorm Modular Wash Plants, AggStorm Modular Wash Plants, and Water Treatment & Management Plants.

SandStorm Modular Wash Plants incorporate feeding, screening, aggregate, and sand washing, along with stockpiling of all products on a single compact modular chassis. The design offers access all around the machines for ease of operation and safe maintenance. The SandStorm range (516, 620, and 824) is said to be able to process feeds up to 550 tons per hour, with up to four grades of aggregate and two grades of classified sand. The new SandStorm S-Line range combines the benefits of the modular plant with McCloskey Sand Screws.

AggStorm Modular Wash Plants are designed to operate as stand-alone units or to easily integrate with SandStorm Wash Plants. The AggStorm is said to be ideally suited to manage various types of clay-bound material, where more aggressive scrubbing and washing is required. They can also be used in the C&D recycling market due to impressive wear characteristics and the ability to scrub aggregates aggressively to remove, through floatation, all clays and silts, along with any light debris such as wood and plastics.


McCloskey Washing Systems at ConExpo-Con/Agg

McCloskey Washing Systems at ConExpo-Con/Agg

McCloskey Washing Systems (MWS) is a fairly new division of McCloskey International. "We started this new washing division in March of 2016," says Sean Loughran, ...

Water Treatment & Management Plants offer are said to be ideally suited for the ever-increasing trend to move away from the traditional methods of managing silt and recovering water through tailings ponds/lagoons. “We are delighted to announce the launch of our full range of MWS Modular Water Treatment and Management Plants, including high-rate thickeners, deep-cone thickeners, automatic flocculent dosing stations, and a complete line of recessed plate filter presses,” says Sean Loughran, Director of McCloskey Washing Systems, in a press release. “Our modular approach to the development of this range allows operators to start small and build up to a full ‘closed-loop’ system as budgets dictate. Offering a choice of thickener to recover up to 80 percent of processed water. Full filter press systems can be incorporated at a later stage to produce easily manageable dry silt cakes, removing the need for any form of pond or lagoon altogether, resulting in a safer and much more cost effective operation. This has the added advantage of achieving up to 95 percent water recovery.”

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