McCloskey’s I44R is full crushing, screening, recirculating system

Kerry Clines

September 7, 2012

McCloskey International’s new I44R combines an impactor with a screenbox and a recirculating conveyor system to create a full crushing, screening, and recirculating system. The machine is powered by a 350-horsepower Cat C9 engine and boasts a 9.8-cubic-yard capacity in a 42- x 43-inch-wide impactor. The 5- x 10-foot screenbox features the company’s High Energy technology, a 10-millimeter throw pattern, and direct hydraulic drive. A heavy-duty, three-ply, chevron-pattern belt returns oversize material to the feeder.

The unit is said to be easy to move from site to site and can be operational in a matter of minutes with its folding hoppers and conveyors. Transport dimensions are 11 feet, 2 inches high; 50 feet, 4 inches long; 10 feet, 1 inch wide; and a weight of 94,300 pounds. An open chassis design allows for easy maintenance access. Additional options include a water pump and dust-suppression system, as well as a refueling pump.

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