McLanahan Rolls Out Four Key Products

Therese Dunphy

March 7, 2014


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With a focus on helping producers work safer, simpler, and smarter, McLanahan Corp. rolled out four major new products at ConExpo-Con/Agg (Booth 51756, Central Hall), including a new jaw crusher, cone crusher, deep cone thickener, and filter press.

“We may invent a lot of equipment and innovate a lot of processes, but at the end of the day, it’s the relationship we have with our customers that drives innovation,” says McLanahan President George Sidney. For example, as the new jaw crusher was being designed, engineers talked to customers and asked what they liked and didn’t like about the current options on the market.

“It was amazing the number of common denominators we came back to the table with,” Sidney says, noting that the feedback led to subtle, but revolutionary changes. The result is the new Freedom Series, which includes both jaw and cone crushers. “It will allow our customers to be far more productive than they’ve been before in primary crushing,” Sidney adds.

JawCrusher 1Jaw Crusher

Since being first introduced in 1906 by Universal Engineering Corp., the jaw crusher design has remained pretty much the same over the last century – until now. After two years of customer collaboration, McLanahan has engineered its new jaw crusher line to give producers what it says is “a higher performance primary crushing solution than has ever been available before.” Some of the key features of the new crusher include:

  • Safety lock pins and hydraulic assist for wear parts change-out makes maintenance safer.

  • A simpler way to adjust close-side settings and provide tramp iron relief. Hydraulic rams are isolated from crushing action, allowing longer life and full automation, while virtually eliminating toggle migration.

  • The attack angle and crushing stroke pattern are engineered smarter to increase capacity up to 15 percent while minimizing wear on the jaw dies.

McLanahan Cone Crusher PhotoCone Crusher

McLanahan Corp. debuts its newest equipment line – cone crushers. Available in a variety of sizes, McLanahan cone crushers are capable of secondary, tertiary, and quaternary crushing. Top-down maintenance improves safety. There is no need to dig out a stalled machine, simply press a button to open and restart it when it is fully opened. The crusher is designed to ensure quality particle shape potential, while simplifying manganese changes.

Deep Cone Thickener - Clean WaterDeep Cone Thickener

Some of the biggest struggles that producers face today are issues of safety and sustainability. Processing plant growth can be greatly limited by the struggle to receive permits or by limited land resources. With that in mind, McLanahan developed a Deep Cone Thickener to help producers do more with their existing resources and meet those challenges head-on. The thickeners help producers reduce or eliminate the need for settling ponds and other structures and are meant to achieve the highest solids concentration possible through gravity separation. Key features include:

  • Deep Cone Thickeners reduce the settling pond footprint, making them safer for the environment and site personnel.

  • With no full-time operator required and rarely being designed with moving parts, they are simpler for mineral processing operations.

  • Producers with Deep Cone Thickeners have a smarter operation because they have control over the dewatering process and have recycled water immediately available for their operation.

Filter Press With CakesFilter Presses

In 2012, McLanahan Corp. introduced its own line of filter presses. Since then, it has made significant engineering and operational improvements to its line of filter presses. These improvements are all geared toward helping producers make their operations more efficient, while eliminating the need for costly settling ponds. These features include:

Eliminating settling ponds creates a safer situation at any processing facility. The dry, easy-to-handle byproduct of filter presses can be safely handled and disposed of, as opposed to massive amounts of water that settling ponds require.

Operation is made simpler by few moving parts and that the filter press does not require a full-time operator. The filter press line has also been engineered with a single hydraulic cylinder.

Adding a filter press can eliminate fines and wastewater management bottlenecks.

New Website

To better serve the increasing need for easy access, McLanahan Corp. launched a redesigned website with a focus on customer usage and information sharing. Designed as a responsive site, site visitors will have access to the same information no matter the device they are using to view

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