Meade County Quarry proposes barge terminal on Ohio River in Kentucky

May 8, 2013

A barge floats on the Ohio River. (Photo: Tim Kiser / Wikimedia Commons)
A barge floats on the Ohio River. (Photo: Tim Kiser / Wikimedia Commons)

Meade County Quarry LLC has requested the Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to install a large barge-fleeting terminal on the Ohio River in Meade County, Kentucky, reported.

The request follows the company’s proposal to construct a quarry in Meade County.

The 12-barge terminal would be about 900 feet long and have barges positioned three wide and four long. The area would be used for loading and unloading limestone, sand, gravel, coal, fly-ash and more.

The plan also includes the excavation of about 240,000 cubic yards of earth–removed from the Kentucky shore–for creating a recessed area for the barges, as well as the placement of about 17,000 cubic yards of rip rap on the bank to prevent erosion.

The site would be located at Mile 671 along the river on the Kentucky shore, about 5.5 miles northeast of Battletown and near Big Bend Road.

In addition to the Army Corps, the Kentucky Energy, the Environment Cabinet’s Division of Water and other agencies will have to sign off on the project.

The Army Corps has opened a public comment period for the quarry project. It ends May 31.

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