Mentor Engineering Releases Web-based Mobile Workforce Management Solution


January 5, 2011

CALGARY, AB — December 16, 2010 Mentor Engineering announces the release of Mentor Fleet, a mobile workforce management solution. Mentor Fleet delivers Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)/GPS, vehicle telematics, driver behaviour monitoring, reporting and maintenance capabilities. Using Cloud computing, the solution gives users the ability to streamline operations right from their desktop.

Mentor Fleet is made up of several integrated modules that each serve a different function in improving operations, lowering costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Users gain the ability to keep track of where and what all the vehicles in their fleet are doing by viewing them on a map in real-time. Locations are also updated in real-time and key vehicle or driver information can be viewed at-a-glance to help give users a clear view of operations. This software allows companies to be more efficient and productive, completing more jobs per day.

Fuel costs are a big issue for fleet managers, and account for a significant portion of fleet budgets. Mentor Fleet tracks the unnecessary idling, excessive speed and unauthorized vehicle usage of fleet vehicles to help minimize these costs. Monitoring speed and idling helps users identify at-risk drivers and develop training programs to encourage safer driving practices, which ultimately helps reduce fuel costs.  

Lowering operating costs can also be achieved by managing fleet maintenance schedules. Vehicle wear and tear costs users a lot in repairs and downtime. With fleet management software,vehicles can be brought in exactly when service is needed and downtime due to repairs is minimized.

“We are excited to offer Mentor Fleet as a new way to help clients manage the day-to-day challenges of their fleet-based business. With the ability to track such metrics as when and where vehicles exceed a speed threshold and reducing the avoidable idling of vehicles, clients can encourage better driver behaviour and see real fuel savings,” says Mike Koebel, VP Sales and Business Development at Mentor.

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