Mettler Toledo: High-tech truck scales

Tina Grady Barbaccia

August 29, 2011

Mettler Toledo says its new VTS101 and VTC101 truck scales use a Powercell PDX load cell technology that eliminates the typical maintenance, repair costs, and downtime related to conventional vehicle scales.

The VTS101 consists of a steel deck supported by orthotropic ribs that are sealed from the elements by automated continuous welds. The VTC101 draws on the strengths of both a concrete driving surface and a steel orthotropic understructure, thereby eliminating voids in the deck that occur when pouring concrete around I-beam flanges and sharp corners.

The company says the Powercell PDX load cell provides predictive diagnostics, including automatic notification of weighing errors, overloading, environmental conditions, network health, load cell voltages, and enclosure integrity, without the need for maintenance-prone external converter boxes.

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