MINExpo coverage: Deister Machine launches isolation base, exciter vibrating mechanism

Tina Grady Barbaccia

September 25, 2012

Deister BFO1820 Screen with Isolation Base
Deister BFO1820 Screen with Isolation Base

Deister Machine Co. has launched two equipment options — exciter vibrating mechanism and isolation base — for use on mine-duty screens. 

The Exciter is designed for use with large linear stroke screens and feeders. Multiple units can be positioned in series, and linked by flexible shaft couplings to provide exceptional B-10 bearing life in conjunction with aggressive G-force. 

CNC manufacturing processes ensure tight tolerances and precision fits for the entire assembly. Innovative seal, shaft, and bearing designs provide a rugged unit that is easy to maintain, especially when combined with the Deister System Saver Oil Filtration System. 

Removable external counterweight slugs allow for easy output force adjustment over a wide speed range. The Exciter Mechanism can be driven by V-belts or direct-drive flexible shaft.

Deister Isolation Base

As an option for large screens, the Deister Isolation Base incorporates a secondary set of support

Deister Exciter Mechanism
Deister Exciter Mechanism

springs, as well as shock absorbers, which further isolate the forces generated by the vibrating screen frame from the stationary structure. This Isolation Base is also beneficial in reducing the size and complexity of the support structure under and around the vibrating screen.


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