August 1, 2012




To help attendees maneuver through the wide assortment of mining equipment at the show, we’ve highlighted aggregate-related items on display.


ASGCO     Booth # 923

ASGCO plans to display its Super-Skalper conveyor belt pre-cleaner. The all-stainless-steel system provides carry-back removal for high-speed belts, large head pulleys, and large sizes and volumes of material.




Astec Mining     Booth # 10000

Astec will feature its BTI RMS18 Mine Scaler. The company says the scaler combines ruggedness with the flexibility of stationary boom systems to create a small, maneuverable machine that can reach multiple scaling faces and positions with a single set up.



Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions     Booth # 2121

Atlas Copco will showcase its new SmartROC D65 down-the-hole drill rig with Hole Navigation System. The entire drill cycle is automated so that drilling times are maximized and life of consumables lengthened. The drill can download data directly from the office computer through the worksite’s own local area network or wireless network.




Baldor Electric Co.      Booth  # 26001

Baldor will feature the expanded size range and multiple configurations for its Dodge MagnaGear XTR reducer designed with torque ratings ranging from 100,000 to 920,000 pounds. Using a modular design, the reducers are available in parallel shaft or right-angle configurations, with solid- or hollow-shaft output, and in several mounting configurations including swing-base and tunnel housings.



Boart Longyear      Booth #23018

Boart Longyear will showcase its new LS600 sonic rig, said to deliver more accurate core sampling with less than 1-percent hole deviation, reduced waste, and faster penetration than conventional methods. The technology incorporates sonic frequencies that match the resonant energy of the ground, allowing the core barrel to easily advance in difficult overburden formations.



Bridgestone      Booth # 8417

Bridgestone will display its VREP radial tire designed for heavy-duty mining operations. The tire features a unique tread pattern for longer tread life combined with a high-durability casing to provide reduced cost per ton. Trapezoidal blocks and circumferential grooves in the tread help improve resistance to lateral forces, as well as minimize heat generation.





Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co. Booth # 7030

Cardinal plans to display its EPR+ Plus Truck Scale. Each scale bridge features interconnecting load blocks and receivers for a no-bolt installation. Every unit includes receiving brackets for easy installation of optional side rails, which can be ordered with the scale or at a later date. The mounting brackets are flush mounted into the scale deck to allow for pit-type applications.



Caterpillar Inc.      Booth # 6229

Cat will showcase several new and innovative items, including the new 6030B FS hydraulic front shovel. The machine is the first of the Cat B Series hydraulic shovels, featuring a state-of-the-art new cab and operator environment with productivity enhancing on-board electronics.



Eriez Magnetics      Booth # 5101

 Eriez plans to display its Series 7000 suspended electromagnets, available in both manual and self-cleaning, designed to remove tramp iron from material on conveyor belts. The air-cooled, dry-type electromagnets require no coolant fluids and reduce power consumption by up to 50 percent.



Furukawa Rock Drill USA      Booth # 4043

Furukawa will feature its new pedestal units with 360-degree base rotation. Custom designed from 16 to 32 feet, the pedestals are ideal for use in mining and quarry applications, including vessel cleanout.







GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech Booth # 6038

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech plans to showcase its Remote Monitoring Technology, which is said to be the industry’s first fully automated monitoring system with web-based data access. Remote instrumentation operates without an onsite operator. The technology automatically converts site data into engineering information that is then stored in each customer’s encrypted database.





Godwin Pumps of America/Xylem     Booth #3105

Godwin will display its Dri-Prime 10-inch HL260M automatic-priming centrifugal pump designed for large, high-head, high-flow jobs. It provides maximum flows to 3,600 gallons per minute, total dynamic head to 500 feet, and solids handling to 2 inches in diameter. The pump offers fully automatic priming from dry to 28 feet of suction lift and can be customized with a diesel engine or electric motor.



Hitachi Mining      Booth #8527

Hitachi plans to introduce its new rigid-frame haul truck with AC-drive technology advancements, including next-generation IGBT propulsion technology that the company says delivers a whole new level of efficiency. The new propulsion technology is said to outperform previous and competitive systems through its simplicity and dependability.



Jeffrey Rader      Booth #22106

Jeffrey Rader plans to showcase its NF electromechanical vibrating feeders, which are precision-tuned near their own natural frequencies. The company says this keeps the feeders “in tune” with the materials they carry to ensure efficient material transference, promote quieter operation, and reduce energy and maintenance costs.



Kleeman       Booth # 8907

As part of the Wirtgen exhibit, Kleemann’s line of portable plants will be represented. Experts will be on hand to answer questions.




Komatsu America Corp.      Booth #7027

Komatsu plans to showcase its HD785-7 haul truck. New standard features on the 100-ton haul truck include a three-point driver’s seatbelt, dimpled walkways for increased traction, a color rearview monitor, and an AM/FM radio with auxiliary port.



Luff Industries Ltd.      Booth #4117

Luff will feature its high-moisture seal (HMS) for heavy wash down and high-moisture applications. The seal adds an extra layer of protection to the polymer end cap and triple labyrinth seal. The HMS is installed with a grease barrier and acts as a shield, protecting the roller from debris.



Major Wire Industries Ltd.      Booth #554

 Major Wire will display its Flex-Mat 3 screen media, which is now available in both modular and tensioned versions. The company says the media employs independently vibrating wires that increase product throughput by up to 40 percent over other media by increasing open area and eliminating blinding, pegging, and clogging.



McLanahan Corp.      Booth #4245, 7626

McLanahan will feature a DDC-Sizer, dewatering screen and separator combination, a sampling system, and McLanahan/Universal impact crushers at Booth #4245. The company’s new LabMill Crusher and Rock Tooth Crusher, and a Recessed Plate Filter Pilot Press will be featured as well. Booth #7626 will feature 3-D models of Universal equipment.





Polydeck Screen Corp.      Booth # 5519

Polydeck will showcase its herringbone and PolyWeave configuration screen media designs. The use of injection molding allows the company to incorporate an almost unlimited range of surface features and special opening types into the structure of the screen panels.



Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc.     Booth #6210

Philippi-Hagenbuch plans to introduce the first-ever oil sands body and new hard rock/ore body for haul trucks designed for increased life and superior material distribution, ride, and flow. Both include the company’s new body lifting system. Also on display will be the patent-pending body floor replacement solution that allows operators to extend the body life of existing truck bodies.



Phoenix Process Equipment Co.     Booth #12530

Phoenix will feature its Diemme filter press field demonstration system. The trailer-mounted system includes a Diemme KE500 filter press, 10 gallon-per-minute pump, 200-gallon mix tank, and mixer.



Rulmeca Corp.      Booth # 4615

Rulmeca will showcase its new Model 1000HD motorized pulley, which offers up to 330 horsepower in belt speeds up to 1,320 feet per minute in its internally powered and hermetically sealed conveyor drive package. Compact and simple to install, the pulley offers lower maintenance requirements and higher reliability than exposed drive systems.



Sandvik Mining       Booth # 7309

 Sandvik will feature several innovative surface, underground drilling, and L&H machines, including the high-pressure DR560 down-the-hole drill rig, now available with compressor management system and AutoMine Drilling. The company says the machine combines different pressure options, maneuverability, and reliability with maximum drilling performance.



Tecweigh, Tecnetics Industries Inc.    Booth # 2377

Tecweigh will have its weigh belt feeders on display. The feeders are built tough to perform and take a pounding, the company says, noting that the weigh idler system is easy to calibrate, yet extremely accurate.



Superior Industries Booth #19100

Superior Industries will display its TeleStacker Conveyor, a heavy-duty telescoping radial stacking conveyor. A key design element is the patented FB undercarriage support system, which offers added strength, stability, and safety. The company designs and builds every unit per customer request and specifications, with the largest option capable of achieving an output of 5,000 tons per hour.



Volvo Construction Equipment Group               Booth # 10150

Volvo plans to showcase its L250G wheel loader, which is purpose built for the loading of triaxle on-highway trucks. Its 9-cubic-yard rehandling bucket quickly fills trucks in only two passes. The powerful Z-bar loader linkage allows for high breakout force when digging in hard materials.



Weir Minerals North America     Booth # 3143

 Weir Minerals will showcase its Linatex dewatering screens, which feature a curved, sieve-like feed section and an upward inclination of the main deck for increased dewatering capacity. The use of centrifugal force allows for a larger total screening area without increasing the size of the machine, which facilitates using smaller units and reducing investment costs.



W.S. Tyler Canada Ltd.      Booth # 10250

W.S. Tyler will display its Hydro-Clean washing unit, which is said to clean deleterious material from aggregate while reducing water consumption by up to 75 percent over traditional log washers. The unit features a maximum feed-material size of up to 6 inches and is available in four model sizes — the 350, 700, 1,000, and 2,000.




ClearSpan Fabric Structures      Booth # 7318

ClearSpan plans to display its fabric structures for equipment and material storage, which feature high ceilings and wide-open spaces with ample clearance for access and ease of movement. Every structure is custom engineered in the USA from high-quality steel and fabric. The structures are available in any length and up to 300 feet wide.


Scan this tag to see even more equipment/products planned for display at MINExpo.




Cummins Inc.      Booth #8109

Cummins will showcase its full line of mining engines, from the new 4,000-horsepower QSK95 for ultra-class haul trucks to the 49-horsepower QSF2.8 for compact underground equipment. Cummins will also display its Tier 4 Final emissions technology solution.



Grindex Pumps      Booth #6042

Grindex plans to showcase its complete line of submersible pumps, which feature air cooling valves that permit the pumps to run dry without damage. With SMART motor protection, the pumps will not run backwards, will not single phase, and will not overheat. Pump designs range between 0.6 and 140 horsepower and deliver up to 5,000 gallons per minute with pressures up to 750 feet.



Legacy Building Solutions     Booth # 8989

Legacy Building Solutions will showcase its line of customizable fabric buildings, which use solid structural-steel beams that allow the buildings to be relocated by towing or crane. The straight sidewall design allows for the inclusion of overhead doors, exit doors, and dormers along the sides.



FLIR Systems      Booth 2069

FLIR will showcase its latest handheld thermal imager cameras — the i7 for quick safety-check scans and the new high-resolution T440 and T640 for detailed inspections. The company will also demonstrate the agility of the A310 fixed and pan-tilt thermal cameras for remote security and process monitoring, as well as the PathFindIR and Tau IR cameras for vehicles that help drivers see through dust, smoke, and darkness.



Joy Global      Booth # 6211

Joy Global has plans to showcase its mining equipment with advanced technology, including its P&H LeTourneau-Series wheel loader and low-seam longwall system with shearing machine, armored face conveyor, and roof supports. Underground Room and Pillar mining systems will be featured as well, including the continuous miner.



MICO, Inc. Booth #7557

MICO will showcase its 520 Series hydraulic-apply caliper disc brake. The fixed-caliper type brake uses a modulated hydraulic pressure source to control brake torque. It can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position and can be attached directly to a threaded hanger or clamp. The brake linings can be replaced without removing the brake.



Miller Electric Mfg. Co.      Booth 5511

Miller plans to display its Trailblazer 302 Air Pak, a combination welder/generator/air compressor with optional battery charger/jump starter capabilities. The engine-driven machine is versatile for field service trucks and can perform most field repairs requiring air and power tools, as well as welding.



Nomis Seismographs       Booth 1868

Nomis will showcase its full line of vibration- and sound-monitoring equipment, including the SuperGraph and the Mini SuperGraph. The company will be demonstrating SuperGraphics Analysis and download software.



Rexnord Industries            Booth # 23036

Rexnord will be displaying its mission critical components — bearings, couplings, gears, industrial chains, conveying equipment, and more.



Titan Tire Corp.      Booth # 22056

Titan will highlight a new size in its second generation 007 MFT mining tire line to accommodate 250-ton haul trucks. The tire offers enhanced durability, a more aggressive tread pattern, and improved heat dissipation. A non-solid center tread design helps reduce internal heat generation and allows heat to dissipate easily, reducing tire-running temperatures by approximately 35 to 40 degrees F.



REICHdrill, Inc.          Booth # 17100

REICHdrill plans to display its C-750-D drill, which provides up to 90,000 pounds of bit load capacity for 9- to 12.25-inch holes. The U.S.-built drill is designed for both rotary and down-the-hole drilling applications with a standard depth capacity of 198 feet using 40-foot drill pipe.




Stellar Industries Inc.      Booth # 7579

Stellar Industries plans to introduce the largest truck-mounted OTR tire manipulator. The manipulator will be capable of changing tire and rim combinations weighing up to 20,000 pounds. Its reach capability allows it to mount and dismount outside, as well as inside, duals without being repositioned.



Thompson Pump            Booth # 5801

Thompson Pump will showcase its new Compact pump series with all the features of the larger JSC series, but with the benefits of a small size, lighter weight, fewer parts, less maintenance, and lower price. Available in the most common diesel-drive portable 4- and 6-inch pump sizes, it includes the Enviroprime system that keeps the pumpage from discharging into the environment.



Tons Per Hour, Inc.      Booth # 16000

Tons Per Hour plans to showcase the Jingjin filter press, which ranges in size up to 35 cubic meters/cycle capacity. Feed pressures range from 5 to 40 bar and are available in both chamber and membrane design. Overhead- and side-beam designs are available for easy maintenance.



Trio Engineered Products, Inc.            Booth # 13500

Trio plans to display an extreme-duty, 7- by 16-foot scalping screen and a revolutionary 8- by 20-foot tertiary horizontal screen. In addition, a heavy-duty TC84 tertiary cone crusher will be present to demonstrate capabilities in mine-duty crushing.




Yokohama Tire Corp.            Booth # 8271

Yokohama plans to display its new RB42 radial tire designed for dump trucks and soft and/or loose surfaces such as mud, sand, gravel, and rocks. It features a non-directional block pattern and deep, flush treads that provide traction on a variety of terrains. The tire features steel cord belts and buttress side protection to repel snags and cuts from the sidewall. It is available in sizes 1800R33 and 2400R35.





Vulcan On-Board Scales       Booth # 23083

Vulcan will display its dump truck weighing system designed to eliminate overweight fines and help operators maximize every load. Accuracy is typically within 1 percent of gross vehicle weight. Rugged load sensors are located in the rear hinge and on the front lift cylinder.












































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