Mobile equipment simulation-capable software

Kerry Clines

August 1, 2009

BedRock Software, LLC recently released its new AggFlow with track-mounted (mobile) equipment simulation capability. The company says the new program allows users to calculate mass aggregate and water balances flowing through a plant simulation using stationary and mobile equipment. The simulations help improve profitability by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks; by assessing the impact of proposed changes or new equipment before they are made; and by reducing plant downtime and production errors. The program is also said to help track and reduce emissions and fuel consumption by refining overall plant efficiency.

The company started with a simulation of Powerscreen International’s line of crushing and screening equipment and is constantly adding to the data library. Users can select from the pre-populated equipment data library or install their own equipment models using the generic equipment application. Equipment will be added upon request.

The new program is available free of charge to all currently licensed AggFlow users.

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