VIDEO: Montabert moves away from Tramac branding, rolls out new breakers and drills

Therese Dunphy

March 14, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEarlier this month, Montabert completed its rebranding transition and moved away from the Tramac brand name, and the Montabert name was prominently shown throughout its ConExpo-Con/Agg display.

“Joint branding on our products introduced the Montabert name to the market without a complete departure from what people were accustomed to,” said Stephane Giroudon, business manager for Montabert North America. The company specializes in hydraulic demolition and drilling attachments, as well as pneumatic equipment.

Among its featured products at the show was the V46SHD heavy-range hydraulic breaker, which features an automatic speed variation system, adjusting its impact energy and striking rate to match material hardness in demolition, excavation and quarrying applications.

Designed for use on excavators weighing between 59,500 and 88,200 pounds, the 5,616-pound hydraulic breaker delivers between 510 and 1,160 blows per minute. For optimal breaking power, the V46SHD requires a hydraulic flow rate of between 47-1/2 and 70 gallons per minute and is rated within the 7,500 foot-pound impact energy class.

Click image for more show coverage
Click image for more show coverage

Standard features include a progressive start system that prevents the breaker from slipping, a blank-fire protection system that reduces harmful metal-to-metal contact, and an energy recovery system that recycles recoil energy to increase strike power. The fully hydraulic breaker’s enclosed energy chamber provides maximum and constant energy with every blow.

In addition, Jim Lafon, Montabert product manager, discussed the introduction of Montabert’s CPA 225E drilling attachment with Aggregates Manager. Watch the included video to hear more from Lafon.

Designed for use on excavators ranging in size from 15 to 25 tons, the Montabert CPA 225E drilling attachment enables operators to transition from digging to drilling in a matter of minutes.

[youtube YESzeQ0I-X0 nolink]

The CPA 225E drilling attachment is said to deliver optimal drilling power in the blast hole, slide stabilization, tunneling, anchor bolting, and other long-reach applications.

The 3,197-pound CPA 225E drills holes measuring 1-1/2 to 3 inches in diameter and up to 14 feet deep. The addition of an optional 12-foot rod adder enables the CPA 225ER to reach a drill depth of 26 feet.

Standard features on the single-pass CPA 225E drilling attachment include an aluminum feed — providing 47 degrees of drill rotation — as well as a Montabert HC50 drifter. The HC50 is equipped with a hydraulic dampener and an energy recovery system to ensure a long life span for the striking bar and provide high efficiency drilling performance.

The HC50 drifter delivers progressive blows while absorbing and recovering reflected energy — safeguarding various components of the drilling attachment from damage.

In addition, a radio-controlled performance-managing feature automatically analyzes drilling conditions and adjusts factors such as feed pressure, feed speed, anti-jamming controls, and percussion pressure.

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