Mount Desert bans future quarries

July 30, 2013


Resident in Mount Desert, Maine, voted last week to enact an ordinance banning new granite quarries and other mineral exploration and extraction, according to a report from Fenceviewer.

At a special town meeting, the citizens voted 92-50 in favor of the ban, which affects all zoning districts.

Residents also approved an ordinance requiring existing quarry operations to obtain a license from the town. The license would impose conditions, such as noise limits, on quarrying and would have to be renewed annually.

The only existing active quarry is located in the village of Hall Quarry on property owned by Harold MacQuinn, Inc., and is operated by Freshwater Stone & Brick, Inc. Both companies contend that, under the new ordinance, the company is allowed to be grandfathered in. However, two couples who live near the quarry have filed a challenge in Superior Court.

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