MSHA issues October alert

Kerry Clines

October 2, 2009

The Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) issued a Fatal Alert for October stating that the last 10 years, metal/non-metal mines have experienced more fatal accidents in the month of October than in any other month. The agency recommends focusing on working safely and following these Best Practices:

  • Inspect mobile equipment for safety defects and correct before operating.
  • Place controls of mobile equipment in park and set the parking brake if leaving it unattended. Chock or turn wheels toward berm or bank when parked on a grade.
  • Sound audible warnings before moving mobile equipment.
  • Wear seat belts when operating mobile equipment.
  • Identify and control hazards before beginning a task.
  • Wear fall protection where there is a danger of falling.
  • Don’t work or pass under suspended loads.
  • Barricade the area and remove all persons from beneath overhead work.
  • De-energize, lock, and tag out electrical equipment before performing maintenance or repairs.

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