Nearly two-decade-old agreement could add safety measures to Pennsylvania quarry

July 23, 2013

A nearly 20-year-old agreement between Union Township, Pennsylvania, and Haines & Kibblehouse Inc. could mean the company’s quarry will acquire some additional safety measures, according to a report from

A court order was issued in 1995 following the agreement. The court order requires Haines & Kibblehouse to construct a berm and fence and to install monitoring wells between the 400-acre quarry and Hopewell Street. The company wants to wait to build the berm because it has not yet resumed mining in its Pupek quarry.

Union Township supervisors last year granted the company an extension to comply with the court order. However, Union Township supervisors Chairman Donald E. Basile is pushing for the supervisors to require Haines & Kibblehouse to comply this year, saying that the township needs a better reason for granting an extension than helping the company economically.

Supervisor Nelson Ott Jr. suggested the township ask the company to add the fence and monitoring wells–the safety concerns–for now, adding that mining activity is far enough from homes to wait to build the berm.

Basile said building the berm now would give vegetative screening plenty of time to fully grow before the company begins mining.

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