Neighborhood upset by proposed quarry

Brian Ethridge

July 23, 2014

A farm-heavy neighborhood in Clark County, Ky. is fighting a proposal that would rezone agricultural land and result in the development of a new quarry. In addition to the quarry, residents are worried the proposal would bring other unwanted industrial operations to their rural area as well.

“If they can do this, then who’s the next one that’s going to come along?” asked Clare Sipple, manager of a nature sanctuary next to the land proposed for rezoning.

The zone change ordinance is being requested by the Allen Co., which operates a quarry in Madison County across the Kentucky River from Clark County. The company is seeking 165 acres of farmland for the development of a new quarry.

farm neighborhood

Allen Co. says its operation would not have a negative impact on the neighborhood. After the tunnels are blasted, rock would be crushed underground and transported via conveyor belt to its existing crushing operation in Madison County. Using a conveyor belt would lessen the use of big loud trucks in the area, the company notes.

The neighborhood remains unconvinced and does not want to see their beautiful farmland destroyed.

“This area that we’re standing on was first founded by Daniel Boone in the 1700s,” Deborah Garrison of the Southwest Clark Neighborhood Association said. “We have so much history here.”

“We believe this property is suitable for agriculture as it has been since the beginning of time here.”

On Wednesday, July 7, the Clark County Fiscal Court approved the zoning change which would allow the new quarry. However, the Southwest Clark Neighborhood Association indicated it is likely to appeal the decision.

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