NESCO’s DirtSquirt Previewed at ConExpo/ConAgg


July 13, 2009

wheelwash-2Las Vegas, Nevada — To eliminate dust and dirt buildup on trucks leaving construction and mining sites, NESCO has designed the DirtSquirt Wheel Wash System.


Equipped with galvanized dual action spray manifolds and 200 psi nozzles, the DirtSquirt blasts dirt from truck tires.  Because it runs at a much higher pressure than other wheel washes, the DirtSquirt uses less than 60 gallons of water per truck.  It can be installed as a stationary wash or housed in a trailer with a surge tank for portable applications.


The DirtSquirt uses a 200 psi pump module available in capacities ranging from 40 to 320 gpm to supply spray nozzles that can be configured to wash tires alone or in conjunction with the truck body and undercarriage.  A sensor within an armored housing is used to automate the wash and control the frequency and duration of the wash cycle.  A surge tank with a level switch and fill solenoid ensures that the pump is ready to go when a truck enters the wheel wash.  The DirtSquirt is quick and easy to set-up.  NESCO also provides installation services for customers that require assistance. 


More state and local governments are requiring wheel wash systems to help reduce fugitive emissions from mines, quarries and construction sites in response to federal air quality standards that have designated most major metropolitan areas as non-attainment for particulate.  NESCO’s DirtSquirt wheel wash is an effective and affordable solution to carryout problems. 


For more information on NESCO’s DirtSquirt, visit or contact NESCO at 800-237-3878.

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