New CentroloadTM Feeder from Jeffrey Rader offers uniform feeding to distribute evenly around the circumference of a cone crusher


July 8, 2009

jeffreyrader_centroload_feeMay 21, 2008 – (Woodruff, South Carolina) The latest in feeding technology from Jeffrey Rader Corporation is the CENTROLOADTM Feeder. This product is used in the aggregate industry for feeding cone crushers and Vertical Shaft Impactors (VSI) evenly around the circumference of the crusher opening.


Traditionally, the aggregate industry uses a standard pan feeder with a Radial Discharge Unit (RDU) over the cone crusher to ensure even material distribution. This equates to twice as much equipment and maintenance. When servicing the cone crusher it also requires that more equipment be removed to access the wear parts. What used to take two machines now only requires one Jeffrey Rader CENTROLOADTM Feeder.


“This new unit incorporates many of the advantages of a standard Jeffrey Rader Feeder such as precompressed springs, standard motor and eccentric shaft drive arrangement”, says Doug Sublett, Sales and Marketing Manager for Jeffrey Rader.


In lieu of feeding from the end of the pan, the material travels around and into a feed spout at the discharge end of the feeder. Using a unique design we can get very uniform feeding to the discharge spout to insure the material is evenly distributed around the circumference.


Jeffrey Rader has worked very closely with one of the largest aggregate producers in the world. The improvements they have seen include “15-20% higher production rates, better gradation of materials and at least 10% or better improved liner wear in the crusher” due to more uniform product distribution.


The Jeffrey Rader  CENTROLOADTM Feeder is the latest in new product offerings introduced to the mining industry over the last year. In addition to the CENTROLOADTM Feeder, Jeffrey Rader is now offering hoppers designed specifically for the application, removing the guess work out of hopper designs. We are confident this new product will help our customers improve their operating efficiency, which is especially important during these difficult times.


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