New Doran 360CE™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Commercial Equipment


March 26, 2010

Doran360CECincinnati, Ohio – Doran Manufacturing has announced the introduction of the Doran 360CE™ tire pressure monitoring system designed for commercial equipment used for mining, construction and earth moving applications.

“Developing a tire pressure monitoring system designed for commercial equipment was a natural extension of our product offering.” says Doran General Manager Jim Samocki. “Off-the-Road (OTR) Tires can cost thousands of dollars. In addition, a flat tire, which could have easily been prevented by using the pressure monitoring system, can create a difficult and costly repair or even put a project behind schedule.”

The Doran 360CE™ is ideal for all sizes and configurations of commercial equipment. Programming and installation of the digital LCD display and valve-mounted sensors can be accomplished without any special tools in less than an hour. The large-bore sensors are built with high-impact nylon and include potting material to secure the internal components and provide protection against vibration and high temperatures. The components of the system have passed SAE tests by an independent a2La accredited testing facility to ensure that they deliver the longest life and corrosion resistance on the market. In addition, the sensors can also be activated to transmit tire pressure and temperature data with the Doran SmartLink™ tool during a walk-around inspection.

The in-cab display of the Doran 360CE™ system provides real-time monitoring of tire pressures for up to 36 wheel positions. A patent-pending Green Means GOODTM indicator light provides “at- a-glance” confidence to the operator that the tires are at the correct pressures and the system is working properly. In addition to the standard Level 1 and Level 2 alarms at 12.5% and 25% below the programmed baseline tire pressure, a unique FastLeak™ warning is triggered with a drop in tire pressure of 2.8psi in less than 12 seconds along with a high temperature alarm that is activated if a sensor’s temperature reaches 248˚F. A built-in date/time stamp function records the alarms and a driver lockout function prevents accidental tampering.

Cincinnati-based Doran Manufacturing has been supplying high quality transportation safety for over 35 years. In addition to tire pressure monitoring systems, the company supplies LED and incandescent Exterior Light Monitors, Sleeping Child Checks®, Emergency Exit Monitors and a full range of LED lighting products to the school bus market. Also, the company continues to manufacture electrical terminals and terminal boards in the original factory that was established in 1954.

For more information on the Doran 360CETM visit or contact them via e-mail at, write to Doran Manufacturing, 2851 Massachusetts Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45225, or call toll-free (866) 816-SAFE (7233).

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