New HB 3100 hydraulic breaker with PowerAdapt and optimized box design


April 23, 2010

April 21, 2010 – Commerce City, CO – Atlas Copco’s HB 3100 is the newest model in its heavy hydraulic breaker line. With a service weight of 6,944 pounds, the HB 3100 is suitable for carriers in the 66,139-pound to 114,640-pound class.

The HB 3100 has all the proven features of Atlas Copco’s heavy duty breaker range:

  • VibroSilenced System: reduces noise and protects the operator and carrier against vibrations;
  • AutoControl: adapts the blow frequency and impact energy to the rock hardness;
  • ContiLube II System: an integrated automatic lubrication system;
  • StartSelect: allows the operator to choose the startup and shutdown process of the breaker to match the application at hand;
  • DustProtector (optional): a two-stage seal system that protects the hammer unit and bushings against damage from dust and rock particles in the lower part of the breaker.

The HB 3100 also features the PowerAdapt system that shuts down the hydraulic breaker when oil pressure exceeds the maximum input value. Self preservation features such as PowerAdapt protect your investment against costly mistakes from improper set up or incorrect operating mode choices made in the cab of the excavator.

In addition the HB 3100 features an improved box system for better stability and resistance. The dual retaining bar system, for example, provides better protection against wear and tear, especially in the lower part of the hydraulic breaker.

The HB breaker range was developed to get even the toughest and hardest jobs done. It’s a genuine heavy duty tool designed for millions of hits under the harshest conditions. In addition, Atlas Copco breakers are easy to service and maintain, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications such as primary and secondary breaking, demolition and tunneling.

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