New LaserLT offers brighter, bolder, and smarter approach to weight display


May 20, 2010

Rice Lake, WI, May 18th, 2010: Rice Lake’s compact and powerful LaserLT takes the remote display one step further, combining more features and more benefits for a smarter approach to communicating weight values. This watertight device offers the superior function, incredible value and unbeatable durability you’ve come to expect from Rice Lake.

Indoors or out, the LaserLT remote display is an economical approach to putting basic indicator function in a secondary location. A five-button keypad can remotely change units, gross/net, tare, zero and print. Improved by a unique lens material and optional visor, the contrast of the LaserLT’s large 1 ½ inch display is fully adjustable for effortless viewing at up to 50 feet. Keep your indicator investment protected in a clean, dry environment while your LaserLT takes the abuse of the elements. The LaserLT is daisy chainable for linking multiple units to a single indicator/controller. Six easy-to-read enunciators and an added red and green stop/go feature boost communication and expand versatility even further.

Easily install your LaserLT with any electronic weight indicator or peripheral equipment using either fiber-optic, Ethernet, or wireless methods. An enhanced learn mode quickly recognizes any model or brand indicator/controller for simple and seamless operation. Its watertight industrial-grade 304 stainless steel enclosure is as tough as they come—guaranteeing the LaserLT performs solidly in any application, wet or dry, factories or stockyards, feed mills or gravel pits. Say it better with the LaserLT.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a family-owned, ISO 9001 certified corporation, with headquarters, metrology laboratory and main manufacturing plant in Rice Lake, WI. Additional manufacturing facilities are located in Jasper, AL. and Newtown, CT.

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