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August 26, 2010

EarthCorp Industries announces the new Multi Use Loading Equipment (MULE) line.  The MULE systems can be customized to meet your specific reloading needs.  They come in 26, 30 or 40 feet and each of these systems has a non-folding main Conveyor.  With the folding clam shell hopper, 48” feed belt and 35 hp diesel engine, you will have the ability to quickly and efficiently load most any material into any equipment for transport and/or for application. 

With the MULE system(s) you can load materials such as top soil, compost, mulch, saw dust, sand, rock, manure and more.  Some of these materials can load up to four yards per minute.  The MULE line is simple in that within a matter of minutes, you can have the system set-up and ready to feed.  The MULE line can be towed behind a standard pick-up truck providing mobility.  Users will also find that the MULE line is functional, allowing for quick loading with superior efficiency.  The material does not get contaminated from sitting on the ground, the job site remains clean and material loss is minimal.  To find out how you can increase productivity and expedite deadline delivery, while ensuring a more environmentally conscience worksite, contact EarthCorp Industries.

Ordering Details:

How to purchase:  Order directly from EarthCorp Industries by placement of a purchase order.  Contact EarthCorp Industries for a free demonstration or for further information.

EarthCorp Industries, 1298 East US Hwy 136, Suite A,
Pittsboro, Indiana 46167.  Phone:  (317)892-3648, Fax : (317)892-3649,,

Company Information:  Headquartered in Pittsboro, Indiana, EarthCorp Industries introduced itself to the market in 2002.  EarthCorp Industries was started by Jay Werlinger, a 19 year veteran in the landscaping and erosion control industry. Mr. Werlinger started EarthCorp with a business partner and focused on providing erosion control and wetland mitigation for various clients. From this experience, he recognized shortcomings in the standard industry methods. One of those shortcomings involved the blower trucks used to distribute material over large areas. Numerous times per day drivers were taking the trucks off-site to load more material to continue the job. This was costing hundreds of dollars per project in gas, and thousands of dollars in lost time and efficiency. After four (4) years of engineering, design and development, EarthCorp’s Mobile Reload Conveyor system was born.

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