New Product: 84/96-1300 NG


February 5, 2008

West Salem, Ohio American Augers continues to stretch its lead, as an industry leader in auger boring manufacturing and technology with the introduction of the 84/96-1300 NG, other the greatest combination of working diameter and maximum power, compared to other auger boring models found on the market today.

The main advantage of the 84/96-1300 NG is that it will allow contractors to perform larger diameter installation projects a much lower cost, and achieve jobsite success with projects that were only possible before with costly micro-tunneling machines.

The standard model is designed with a 300 HP (223 kW) Caterpillar C-7 Tier III Diesel Engine, and a 7-Speed Eaton T14607A Transmission. These features allow the machine to excel with 1,300,000 lbs of maximum thrust, and 224,246 ft-lbs of maximum torque. The 84/96-1300 is also equipped with a 5 (125 mm) hex, and has a working range of 24 96 inches (610 2,438 mm).

The next generation design benefit of the machine also incorporates the Quik Tran fast return system, made available exclusively from American Augers, as it provides up to 10,000 lbs of push/pull at high speed, and the Quik Split frame design that allows the machine to be separated into sections for faster and easier lifts into and out of the working pit.


84/96-1300 NG operators will also enjoy the increased ability to pull auger, steering rods, and push product, improved visibility to the master pusher, low centerline and wide stance that provides substantial machine stability, hydraulically assisted clutch with a dry-power assisted actuator that is easier and more comfortable to operate, ergonomically designed operating controls that allows for improved feathering of the rotation and slow turn of the shaft for easy auger installation, updated gauge system that includes the improved engine tachometer, engine warning light, & hydraulic thrust pressure reading, as well as all of the other factory direct support and innovative amenities that only American Augers can provide for its equipment.


Please visit, or contact your local sales representative for more details.

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