August 4, 2010

GROVETOWN, Ga. (August 2, 2010) — Mining companies seeking an efficient way to handle abrasive slurry have an affordable new solution. GIW Industries’ ZW Pump Series, released to market in fall 2009, has proven to be a durable, low-maintenance and affordable pump for vertical sump requirements.

The ZW Pump is an optimal pump for use in applications such as dewatering, floor cleanup, sump overflow and ground-water seepage conditions. It is one of the most affordable vertical pumps on the market, making it an economical option for such slurry applications.

GIW customers who have purchased and installed the ZW Pump Series in their companies’ daily operations have embraced the pump’s robust yet surprisingly simple design. Although the ZW Pump can easily withstand the rigors of many mining applications, its basic design makes it one of the market’s easiest pumps to maintain. Both complete pump assemblies and spares are readily available.

The ZW Pump Series’ primary test market was Australia, where rugged gold-mining conditions require a highly functional, durable and low-maintenance slurry pump. The ZW Pump’s high chrome material configuration allows for maximum wear resistance necessary in mining equipment.

“We had a lot of influence from Australia, where this type of pump is popular,” explains Richard Inglett, market manager at GIW Industries. “Their input was key. They really stressed a double-suction design and market price.”

The ZW Pump features a double-suction vertical design ideal for handling aggressive, abrasive slurry applications. Instead of stopping and starting as water levels fluctuate, the ZW Pump’s top- and bottom-suction design allows it to run continuously in a “snore condition” to provide more consistent pump action and to reduce pump stress. Additionally, its semi-open impeller design permits large solids to pass freely.

The new design was developed over a two-year period, and special care was taken to ensure that each part of the pump would meet the stringent requirements of potential customers. Specific attention was paid to data analysis and testing to determine proper motor-mount specifications in order to maximize the pump’s efficiency and avoid surprises and delays for end users. Such diligence is paying off as, nine months after its launch, the ZW pump series is becoming one of GIW’s best selling lines.

GIW Industries began as a small foundry and machine shop in Augusta, Ga., in 1891. In 1914, GIW began building slurry pumps. Today, the company comprises two manufacturing facilities, one in Grovetown, Ga., and the other in Thomson, Ga. These foundries and machine shops are used for manufacturing and assembling pumps and for casting a variety of abrasion-resistant alloys and urethane elastomers. As a subsidiary of KSB AG of Germany, a global pump and valve manufacturer, GIW has the infrastructure to supply pumps worldwide. KSB has presence in 100 countries with sales organizations, offices and 30 manufacturing sites.

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