New TruckWeight Mechanical Scales Easily Installed in One Hour


August 29, 2011

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – TruckWeight, a leading developer of wireless onboard truck scale technology, recently introduced a new scale for mechanical suspension systems that can be quickly, easily and inexpensively mounted as an aftermarket installation. The new Mechanical Suspension Onboard Scale requires no welding or special tools and can typically be installed in one hour on tractors and trailers with walking beam, leaf-spring and other mechanical suspensions.

Targeted primarily for refuse, aggregate and logging vehicles, the new product consists of a set of strain gauges or sensors, transmitters and a handheld receiver. With a range of 500 feet, the receiver displays axle group and gross vehicle weight readings in three-second intervals, essentially providing real-time truck weights.

Previous TruckWeight strain gauges needed to be mounted to a metal bar that had to be welded to the suspension. The upgraded gauge mounts directly to the suspension with a high-strength adhesive. The new systems also results in better accuracy and reliability.

“Our new strain gauge mounts directly on the surface of a metal,” said Peter Panagapko, president of TruckWeight. “Previously, the strain gauges were attached to a bar that then needed to be welded to the axle or to a bracketing system.

“We moved away from that because the measurement was not exact from the axle itself. You had to correct the offset from time to time and the axle OEMs were reluctant to give official authorization for welding on their axles.”

Panagapko noted that gauges will last up to five years and are inexpensive to replace. He added that TruckWeight’s scales are accurate to within one percent on level ground.  

The company’s air suspension and mechanical suspensions scales are fully compatible to ensure accurate weights with tractor-trailer rigs with both systems. Both systems also use the same receiver, and may be integrated with existing telematics systems.

TruckWeight has made available a 15-minute how-to video for the new gauges, and may be accessed at  

About TruckWeight
Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, TruckWeight is a leading-edge technology company focused on weighing systems that improve the productivity, profitability and regulatory compliance of commercial trucking operations. TruckWeight’s wireless scale technology gives users the ability to quickly and cost-effectively monitor payload weight, without the need for complicated wiring and installation.

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