New York DEC investigates alleged illegal mulching at local sand, gravel mine

August 30, 2013

(Photo: Björn Rehder / Flickr)
(Photo: Björn Rehder / Flickr)

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation is investigating a 60-year-old sand and gravel mine after nearby residents said it illegally used mulch to fill a pit, according to a report from Long Island Newsday.

The neighbors reported Wainscott Sand & Gravel Corp. earlier this month in a letter to the state DEC, noting that filling the pit with mulch is not legally permissible, and its noise and stench are a nuisance.

The letter, sent by Bridge Golf Club attorney Brian Sexton and Citizens Campaign for the Environment Executive Director Adrienne Esposito, said mulching poses hazards to the groundwater.

Golf club officials said they have seen trucks and bulldozers dumping mulch into the pit. They added that they hired private investigators to videotape and photograph the operations.

According to the Newsday report, the Southampton Zoning Board of Appeals ruled in 2012 that topsoil and mulch could not be processed on-site, though that ruling has been appealed.

The state’s Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling in the next few weeks.

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