48/54-900 NG


January 23, 2009

The 48/54-900 NG is the next generation of horizontal earth boring machines that now offers the highly productive Rack & Pinion system; a patented rack-and-pinion drive, for rapidly pulling the boring machine back to it”s starting position on the track, without dogging or winching. No more handling of greasy frayed cable or wire rope knots. The Rack & Pinion system is ready to go full time just push the lever and you”re there. Clean. Quick. Safe.

Mechanical Features

  • DEUTZ TCD9014LD 174 HP (143 kW) air cooled diesel engine with electric start.
  • 900,000 lbs (408 Tonnes) of Maximum Thrust
  • Eaton five speed constant mesh Transmission
  • Maximum Torque 113,087 ft lb (153,323 Nm),
  • Working Range: 12 to 54 inch (305 to 1372 mm) casing diameter
  • Clutch with Dry Power-Assisted actuator
  • Next Generation Design Benefits

  • Increased ability to pull auger, steering rods, and push product
  • Increased visibility to the master pusher
  • Low Centerline and Wide Stance provide increased stability
  • Hydraulically assisted clutch is easier and more comfortable to operate
  • No Hook Rollers, machine locks safely to the track
  • Ergonomic operating button allows for feathering the rotation and slow turn of the shaft for easy auger installation
  • Emergency shutdown switch at the operator”s station as well as a operator presence tethered switch.
  • Vivid graphics guide safe and proper machine operation
  • Updated gauge system includes the improved engine tachometer, engine warning light, & hydraulic thrust pressure reading
  • The Quik Split frame design, allows the machine to be separated into sections to accommodate lighter and fasters lifts into and out of the bore pit, and aids the operator in being able to facilitate better and safer machine positioning

  • Technology Spotlight: Quik Tran®

    Features Quik Trantechnology: What is Quik Tran? Quik Tran is the fast return system, made available exclusively from American Augers, as it provides up to 10,000 lbs (4,536 kg) of push/pull at high speed, and there will be no dogging or winching during retract, as the Quik Tran system engages directly to the machine track. The benefit of Quik Tran will be easier and faster machine operation in challenging work climates or conditions

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