VIDEO of the Week: Nirox trommel sizes rip rap at Richards Spur Quarry

Kerry Clines

July 14, 2017

This week’s video shows a Nirox trommel in action at Dolese Bros.‘ Richards Spur Quarry near Lawton, Okla. The trommel is part of a smaller rip rap operation at the back of the pit. Shot rock, which is blasted into larger pieces to make rip rap, is fed into the trommel by a loader. The trommel then separates everything by size as the material slowly moves forward. All the 9-inch minus is pulled out, conveyed into a pile, and fed to a portable crusher/screener plant next to the trommel. The large rock is separated into four different sizes ranging from 12-inch to 30-inch-plus rip rap.

After watching the video, be sure to read all about Richards Spur Quarry in the July issue of Aggregates Manager.


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