November 2011 Rollouts


November 14, 2011

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

Jaw combines efficiency, versatility, safety

The new C120 jaw crusher from Metso Mining and Construction Technology is said to combine reliability, crushing efficiency, and versatility in both stationary and mobile applications with safety and ease of use. Metso says the crusher’s design is based on finite element analysis and casting simulations, and every detail is engineered for reliable operation and long life. The crusher is said to feature a long, aggressively directed stroke and a fixed jaw die longer than previously seen in a crusher of this size class. Other features include a large 34- x 47-inch feed opening and an aggressive cavity cross section.

Low-cost, high-performance wheel loaders

Volvo says its new L110G and L120G wheel loaders are strong, versatile machines that feature a 25-percent increase in lifting force, a 15-percent increase in breakout force, and up to 5-percent lower fuel consumption in load-and-carry and truck loading duties when compared to their predecessors. The machines feature Tier 4i-certified engines and new driveline systems; heavy-duty axles; variable-displacement, load-bearing axial piston pumps; and advanced electronic monitoring diagnostics.

Small, but powerful impact plant

The new Rockster R700S impact crusher boasts a compact design for easy transport, yet offers powerful performance. The 19.9-ton portable plant is 29 feet, 6 inches long; 7 feet, 10 inches wide; and 9 feet, 10 inches high. It features a hydrostatic drive for infinite crusher speed adjustment, up to 140-ton-per-hour performance, and an inlet opening of 28 by 25 inches. Technical improvements include an enforced rotor and flipped wear plates. Adjustment of the swing beams is effective through an elevating screw.

Pivot/tilt technology

Flexco says its new PT Smart belt trainer is made of durable materials, is easy to install, and works with both mechanical and vulcanized belts. Featuring pivot-and-tilt technology, the unit is said to apply greater belt-tracking discipline than conventional pivot-only, belt-steering devices. A fully enclosed, stainless-steel pivot bearing downstream from the roller creates an almost immediate tracking result, requires no lubrication, and is guaranteed not to seize, according to the company.

Productive in extreme conditions

Boasting a maximum payload capacity of 27.5 tons, a heaped capacity of 20.3 cubic yards, and a 365-horsepower engine, the new Terex TA250 articulated haul truck is engineered to be productive in extreme working conditions. Features include a high power-to-weight ratio, Tier 3-compliant Cummins engine, a ZF fully automatic transmission with manual override, maximum torque of 1,234 foot-pounds at 1,400 revolutions per minute, and a 104,068-pound operating weight. The company says it is the only truck in its size class equipped with wet disc brakes on all six wheels.

Solid-body breaker

Atlas Copco’s SBU 220 hydraulic breaker features a patented one-piece housing construction — a solid-body concept that integrates the percussion mechanism and guide system into one single block of steel. The one-piece housing is designed to have fewer components to maintain and to provide greater return on investment. The breaker is intended for carriers ranging in size from 6,150 to 13,230 pounds and features an operating weight of 494 pounds and a tool shank diameter of 2.56 inches.

Highly mobile screen plant

Deister Machine says its new, portable, heavy-duty horizontal screening plant with feed conveyor is highly mobile and easy to transport from site to site. Units are available in 6- x 20-foot and 8- x 20-foot models, as well as a number of custom configurations. The plant features a 42-inch screen feed conveyor (48-inch on the 8-foot unit); walking beam tandem-axle suspension; access ladders and walkways on both sides and front of the screen, with hydraulic folding on one side; centralized grease points; chutes and hoppers lined or made from AR 400 plate; a 60-inch undersize conveyor below the screen (84-inch on the 8-foot screen); 30-inch, motorized head-pulley cross conveyors (36-inch on the 8-foot screen); and self-cleaning, wing-type tail pulleys.

Unattended weighing/data management

Cardinal Scale’s new RE series outdoor unattended weighing systems can be configured to meet the customer’s specific operation with a variety of software and hardware features. Depending on the specific application, the system will incorporate the Cardinal model 225 Navigator weight indicator or the model 825 Spectrum with full-color graphics touch-screen display. The driver is prompted through the entire weigh transaction for required information, which is recorded in the scale house on WinVRS truck management software.

Refined dozer design

Caterpillar says its new D11T dozer and D11T CD (carry dozer) set the standard for productivity, durability, reliability, safety, and operator convenience with design refinements that include enhanced auto shift, a dynamic inclination monitor, automatic climate control, and available automated ripper control. Blades range in capacity up to 57 cubic yards, operating weights range up to 248,456 pounds, and the C32 engine meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards. Both units feature an “OK-to-Start” system that electronically checks critical fluid levels.

Single-point ripper bucket

Leading Edge Attachments’ patented single-pointed ripper bucket is a ripper/bucket combination designed for use with excavators and backhoes. It is said to allow the operator to rip rock, coral, or frozen ground with maximum breakout force, pry out and carry stumps or cradle boulders, rip a clean narrow V trench, or scoop and load material. The unit is manufactured in the USA with high-strength Hardox 400 steel slabs for abusive or cold-weather conditions.

Primary/secondary scraper shares one mounting point

Superior Industries says its new Exterra SFL dual belt cleaner is the first ever primary and secondary belt-cleaning system to share the same, common mounting point. The unit features a tensioning system that creates pressure that is set once, for the life of the blade, during installation. The company says the belt cleaner is designed to nearly eliminate material carry-back from the top cover of conveyor belting after it passes over the head pulley. The belt cleaner is designed to accommodate head pulleys with diameters of 12 to 20 inches and belt widths of 18 to 60 inches.

Frac-sand trailer products

Sure Seal, Inc., a division of OPW Fluid Transfer Group, says it is now offering a full line of dry bulk trailer components designed to optimize performance on frac-sand trailers. The package includes its LM Series manhole cover, swing check valves, Series 2000 pressure relief valves, butterfly valves, aeration systems, hopper tees, and quick-release couplers.

Streamlines railcar unloading

CycloLift railcar/truck connectors by Cyclonaire Corp. feature pneumatically actuated lifters to streamline unloading from hopper-bottom railcars. The connectors are designed to maintain a tight gate seal during unloading, while flexible rubber seals minimize product leakage. Connectors come with aluminum adapter plates that move longitudinally to speed alignment of the boot seal with the hopper slide gate and cut down on time-consuming railcar repositioning. Models are also available for hopper-bottom trucks and dual-outlet railcars, and come standard in sizes with custom-fit adapters.

On-/off-road truck tires

Michelin says its new X Works XDY commercial truck tire has a robust tread design for good traction and wear in on-/off-road applications and comes in two sizes — 11R22.5 and 11R24.5. The new XDY-EX2 tire offers a tread design with more void area for better off-road and mud traction and is available in an 11R24.5 size. Both tires feature extra-thick sidewall protection to guard against shocks, snags, and impacts.

Eats environmental problems

The Sarjeant Co. says its new Micro 50 eco-friendly degreaser quickly and naturally digests oil, grease, fuel, and other organic products. Its formula is based on a patent-pending surfactant system that lifts stains from surfaces, allowing microorganisms then to break down and digest hydrocarbon molecules. The company claims issues such as water runoff, ground pollution, and fuel and oil spills can be resolved quickly and inexpensively.

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