NSSGA tells Congress ‘Fix the Highway Trust Fund’

June 13, 2014

Attendees gather for the third annual Rally for Roads. (Photo credit: NSSGA/Facebook)
Attendees gather for the third annual Rally for Roads. (Photo credit: NSSGA/Facebook)

The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) gathered with hundreds of transportation advocates on June 11 to urge Congress to address the projected insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund (HTF).

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During Rally for Roads, NSSGA used the event’s theme — “The Time is Now; Fix the Highway Trust Fund!” — to reach out to lawmakers and ask them to create a fully-funded, six-year surface transportation bill, the association announced.

NSSGA President and CEO Mike Johnson noted in a statement to attendees at the event that the issue is important to everyone in America.

“The coming together of organized labor and business interests, and the participation of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, for today’s rally proves that transportation infrastructure isn’t a partisan or political issue, it’s a national issue,” Johnson said. “America needs long-term investment in our roads and highways, which are essential to a strong economy, good jobs and the quality of life of every American. Members of Congress should heed the message that is being delivered loudly and clearly today and take the necessary action to make sure that our future is even brighter than our past. In short, they should do the job that they were elected to do.”

NSSGA was one of several sponsors of the third annual Rally for Roads, as well as the Transportation Construction Coalition’s (TCC) Fly-In the previous day. For more details about Rally for Roads, visit rallyforroads.org.

To see more of NSSGA’s photos from the event, click here.

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