VIDEO: Mining on the Pacific Rim

Therese Dunphy

November 1, 2013

OganoQuarryEarlier this year, Contributing Editor Kerry Clines visited Ryoukami-Kougyou Co.’s Ogano Quarry, located approximately two hours away from Tokyo.

While there, she was able to see some of the differences between U.S. and Japanese aggregate operations.

This video shows an excavator loading haul trucks at the site.

Because of the steep nature of the mountainside mine, including its narrow benches, the mine uses excavators extensively throughout the operation. Note that OTR trucks carry small loads, typically 10 to 12 tons of material, so they can navigate the winding mountain roads leading to the quarry.

Watch the video below, then read the full feature article here.

[youtube ZePYv7GN1QI nolink]

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