Ohio officer injured in chase of scrap-metal theft suspect

June 17, 2013

The gravel pit is located on Circle 33 Road (highlighted in red). (Photo: Google Maps)
The gravel pit is located on Circle 33 Road (highlighted in red). (Photo: Google Maps)

A Sheriff’s deputy in Athens County, Ohio, suffered an injury while chasing a suspect in a scrap-metal theft that occurred last week, according to The Athens News.

The Sheriff’s Facebook page notes that Lt. Steve Sedwick tore ligaments in his knee after he lost his footing in the chase. He was pursuing one of three suspects in the scrap metal theft.

The Facebook post reported that Sedwick and two other officers went to Cochran Transportation Service’s gravel pit after receiving a call about people stealing scrap metal.

When they arrived, the officers caught two teenage males, whose vehicle allegedly contained “a set of aluminum running boards from a Cochran’s dump truck, a power takeoff drive from a truck, two pulleys, a large metal pin from a bulldozer, a drive from a sand machine, and a grease pump.”

The estimated cost of replacement of the items is $3,000 to $4,000.

The third suspect ran and escaped.

The Athens News reported that as of Sunday, there had been no update on whether the escaped suspect had been apprehended.

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