Oldcastle division earns 2014 Argus Win-Win for work with Arkansas and Missouri Railroad

June 4, 2014


APAC Central, a division of Oldcastle Materials, has received the 2014 Win-Win Award from global energy and commodity price reporting agency Argus.

The award recognizes “innovation and co-operation in a sometimes adversarial relationship,” according to a press release announcing the award.

APAC Central and the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad earned the award for their partnership, which benefits both companies by enabling APAC Central to deliver product to previously inaccessible markets and by promoting direct rail service. The partnership is expected to double the volume of sand transported by rail car, bringing volume from 4,000 sand cars in 2008 to a projected 8,000 railcars of sand by the end of this year.

The two companies accepted the award at the North American Rail Shippers Association conference in San Francisco last week.

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