Outperforming Rugged Expectations


September 16, 2008

The Model 367 and 365 are the workhorses of the Peterbilt lineup. They can be equipped to take on the full range of rugged vocational applications and are offered in both set-forward and set-back front axle configurations. With a choice of 123″ BBC (Model 367) or 115″ BBC we can customize a truck tailored to your specific needs to maximize your productivity.

The 367 and 365 come standard with the type of long-lasting durability and workmanship that only Peterbilt”s trucks can provide resulting is industry leading resale values. If you can dish it out, these trucks can take it- year after punishing year.

Model 367 and 365 Highlights

  • Best in class interior

  • Exceptional Resale Value

  • Rugged Reliability

  • Versatile specs to suit a wide range of applcations

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