Pennsylvania township, quarry owner form reclamation agreement

June 17, 2013

Gill Quarry (Photo: via The Times Herald)
Gill Quarry (Photo: via The Times Herald)

The East Norriton Township Board of Supervisors, located in Pennsylvania, in March unanimously approved an agreement between the owners of the Gill Quarries pit and township officials that will allow the reclamation of the pit to proceed while providing the township with a portion of the annual tipping fees, according to The Times Herald.

Township Manager Don Delamater said the agreement allows the township to receive a municipal fee of 1.5 percent of the fees Gill Quarries collects.

“There has not been an estimate on how much revenue will be generated for the township,” Delamater said.

Gill said Gill Quarries is accepting clean fill for the quarry and is charging $10 for a pickup truck load and up to $65 for a tractor trailer load.

The 750-foot-deep pit will be partially filled with clean fill before 35-degree walls are built on the sides. The pit currently holds 300 feet of water.

Five workers are still mining stone from one portion of the quarry.

“We have a viable area where we are extracting material and selling it to the public,” said Irvin Gill, president of Gill Quarries.

The agreement follows a previous appeal that township officials filed with the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board regarding a reclamation permit the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection had granted Gill Quarries. Delamater said proper procedures had not been followed when the reclamation documents were filed.

However, Gill said both sides are happy with the new agreement.

“I’m happy we came to an agreement with the township,” Gill said. “Both parties are satisfied with the agreement.”

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