Pennzoil Co.’s Pennz Suppress D dust control product

Kerry Clines

January 31, 2012

Pennz Suppress D is an emulsified resin product developed by Pennzoil, Co. to safely control dust, stabilize soil, and control silt run off from unpaved roads, construction yards, haul roads, and more. The formula binds particles together to strengthen the soil and is specially designed to work its way down into the soil to maximize the penetration depth. The unique binding agents form a durable, moisture-permeable surface that won’t wash away with rain and is strong enough to withstand very heavy truck loads. According to the company, the product has been extensively tested to determine that it is safe for the environment, safe for workers handling the product, and non-corrosive to vehicles and equipment applying the product and traveling on it after application. It is distributed through Genesis Soils Products.

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